Is It Just Me?

Okay, I've heard a few wolfs say it but I just wish to check. You wolves out there, do you wish you could only have meats and sweets? Do you hate vegetables and most fruit? Do you have cravings for blood? Just curious. Comment away! ;)
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8 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I love veggie but would prefer raw steak and chocolate

I like fruit and sweets and choc and deffo blood. noy all that keen on veg though

I love met and sweets, don't like vegetables or fruit, and I haven't tasted blood for a month or two and then just for a minute when my tooth fell out so idk if I like it

I'm not much of a fruity person, but I like vegetables, and meat, i can be picky with sweets though but if its chocolate idc I'll eat it anyway. Out of all though I really crave for meat, especially deer meat and duck meat.

Hey u need to appologize to me


U implied once on my story that I was fake u jerk

Look I don't care what you call me. So your demanding me to apologize to you for calling you a fake? haha. I don't apologize to anyone unless it was a mistake and by calling you that was no mistake. You should be apologizing to me, actually all of us for embarressing our kind. Unless you can prove otherwise that's what I know you as a fake.

I didn't p shift at thirteen I spiritually shifted u idiot I had very little time to write it

Well ok then I'm still not saying sorry, but calling me an idiot does not make you look tough at all, just making yourself look like a fool. Learn how to speak civilized to someone before you talk to me like that. Maybe you should be more specific in ur story.

Ok I be next time and fyi I don't normally talk like that.

Sorry meant to put a will in there. ( typing on phone)

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You need iron is likely.
Its not uncommon for wolves to favor marrow I've favored chicken to the level of eating the bone an the joints.
A proper deit well increase your health even help thru the seasons, rich parts like heart liver always help against tough winters.

Rose r my face parts. :p

I like my steak medium rare. I hardly eat sweets but have a soft spot for bread and cheese. For the most part I eat healthy. Love broccoli. Hate salads. Adore fruit. I eat predominantly chicken turkey and deer though. I like the taste of blood but only mildly so.

Depends on your personality.

Yes, yes and yes