My Life Story

I'm human. Back when I was a 13 or 14 I first learned bout werewolfs and vampires. I used to be Christian but my first werewolf friend opened up my mind a little then my alpha friend opened up my mind big time and someone else I used to be friends with opened up my mind. I live in a Christian family and hate it. I'm not Christian anymore and Christianity is so stupid. They make up there own fear and then live in it. They c everything as ungodly or unholy so it's demonic and that is bull ****. But anyways here is my story. In elementary I was the biggest ***** ull ever meet everyone hated me except maybe 5 ppl. I was a ignorant hyperactive annoying immature little kid. Over the years I grew up to realize my mistakes, around 6th grade I wanted to change. I moved to a diff school and started all over. It began kinda ruff as the new kid. Everyone pickin on me and crap but eh I didn't let it get to me idc wat anyone that is a *** thanks about me.;) well around 8th grade I had quiet a few friends. Then 9th grade I had alot of friends and its constantly going up and now 10th grade I have TUNS of friends. Iv been told I'm nice, sweet, caring, loving etc by the ladies;) (I love my gf so ladies don't get any ideas).
How did I make a complete change from a *** to a amazing person
XD well u c let me just explain...
Between 13-14 years old I met my first werewolf friend. We got into a argument on a chat site. She lived a few states away. Well turns out he was a werewolf:P she got permission from her alpha to tell me the truth and he said yes as long as I'm warned the consequences of me opening my mouth. Well she told me, I believed her and she started opening my mind. Well a year or 2 later (last year) I fell in love with this human girl. My first werewolf friends alpha went rogue. Started killing humans for the hell of it (he must have thought my werewolf friend told them the secret) and then he came after me. Well when my werewolf friend found out about all her dead friends and I was next her, her pack and some of there friends went alpha hunting. they protected me and my gf at the time and I protected her with my life. Always watched our backs and carried a knife with me. I was ready to fight if I had to. Just to protect her cuz ik he woulda killed her as well. Well finally after 4 tries my werewolf friend killed her alpha cuz he put down his guard 1 time and it cost him his life. He got within a state close to me how he got my scent we will never know. But then well eventually me and that girl broke up an she had to move cuz of her dads job. Also around that time I met a Wiccan who opened my mind big time and she WAS my best friend... Thro her I met someone I call my alpha friend. She finished opening my mind and taught me SO much. She is the alpha of her pack and I look up to her as if she was my alpha even tho I'm human and not in her pack but we joke like best friend. She is like my sister and my mother all at once:P hahaha she has helped me out and saved my *** countless times:P. I'm on the journey of a lifetime. My greatest wish:) to become a werewolf:) ik how it can be done and it's been done tuns of times but there is a risk of dieing... My alpha friend or someone in her pack will turn me. I'll join there pack before I'm turned and if I live I'll stay in there pack for a long time. But that is my goal. Eventually I learned about Experienceproject and I made a account and have learned even more about my own self and some about my future. I have met a beautiful loving nice caring passionate sweet wolf on here and I love her with all my heart <3 she lives less then 3 hours from my house too:) she imprinted on me and I love her and always will and I'll never leave her no matter wat. Love u silvertear1st  ;)

I'm the type of person that likes to learn bout the mythical creatures that aren't myths :P and Wiccans. I wanna become a Wiccan but I have Christian parents so I have to hide everything so which means I can't become Wiccan for a long time :( it really sucks. I have to go to church so in hope to hide I'm not Christian and to hide wat Ik. But I am sick of hiding everything from them but I'll keep doing it cuz I must do it. But I like to learn bout certain things:) 
Im extremely talkitive too! XD and im a jokester i love joking around:). And this is pretty much my life story:P
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I understand. My friend says she's a wolf too. Which is true

sounds like a heck of a life and continue to have it