How To Be Turned Into A Werewolf

Yes humans can be turned into werewolfs. Anyone that is gonna be a hater and say its not possible or watever plz do not comment on here. Thank u. There r many ways to be turned but the simplest and easiest way is to be bitten by a werewolf. U need to be at LEAST 17 years old. That is when Ur body is possible able to withstand the transformation and the joining of a wolf spirit into Ur body. The saliva from the bite has to go in the blood stream and run throughout Ur body. But blood runs out not in so it's difficult this can occur but it can and most likely will go in Ur blood stream. The transformation will most likely kill u but not always because of all the pain and the fact Ur body is going under a major mass reconstruction that it wasn't meant to do. So yes it's very dangerous. Also plz know wat Ur getting urself into and everything about werewolfs that a human can know before u do this. It's not all fun and games uk. Also u need to join the pack that is going to turn u. And they need to be with u thro the entire process of the transformation and watch over u just in case u shift and loose control or just simply never be in control(this will happen for humans). Any questions plz comment on here and I'll do my best to answer them.
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Sorry but you are wrong

I am a Muslim and wants to know is having a wolf in you is haram

A simple bite is not how it's done not arguing it can't be done or your other valid points but if everyone I have bit changed I'd hv a pack of thousands no it is in fact the power of our blood that does it and 17 is just a moral average just because your over that age don't mean you will survive just like if your under that age means you won't depends on the resolve of the individual your will to survive because when that process begins physical strength can't help you

I did a spell to become one

Wat was the spell

Spells don't work

Ahh the quest for lycanthop again hits the pump in the road of bing bit see magic is safer and well safer really don't know why someone would pick bing now o not sound mean but geting a chunck out of there skin just to be one doesent seem smart

By the you have to be 17 thing....are we going by Teen Wolf rules? Because in Teen Wolf (the movie not the 2011 show) it's implied that becoming a werewolf happens when one turns 13.

I have been curious as to how I could contract lycanthrope for some time now. No one has been able to shed any light on how this would be possible for me. I would appreciate it if you could contact me. Thank you.

Beastlyman, please add me, I have an extremely important question. It doesn't involve being turned it Involves something else. Please pm me

can i be a DracoPyre :D! you know the really obviously supreme half vampire werewolf and dragon! i just thought maybe i could seeing as my character on a online game can be?? or maybe a necromancer? naah Dracopyre oobviously!!! only joking but this is crazy really yeah it took me a loong time to admit ghosts n such are real but werewolfs and vampires? come on lol if this was true you would hear about it on the news like someone here said "theres some good and some bad" well wouldnt the "bad" ones go around killing people? trying to slowly take over? really ? i dont mean to be insulting but its just amazing how far someone can beleive something like this...

ok ill put aside my views for now as im slightly curious i wont be so sarcastic or **** taking again for that i am sorry but please tell me what makes you different from "humans" are you suggesting you can actually turn into a half wolf half human? or a actual wolf or remain in a human form but take on these "abilitlys" of a wolf/werewolf? i was in no place to judge my opinion side still stands but i shouldnt of insulted yours i have to remember my old saying of "my views are mine their views are theirs you respect mine ill respect yours" much more of a nicer way than before. so basicly what makes you beleive your are a werewolf? how did you come to beleive you were? did you just feel it one day or? i dont know just curious this time :)

Where uguys live at i want to b a werewolve

you have to be born with the gene, other ways dont work. and even if a bite did work the human would die because his/her body wasnt desighned to undergo this kind of transformation.

i was born a wolf, im 27, in all my years Ive never heard of a full out human being able to be turned. if this did work which im not saying is impossible cause alot of people dont believe in hybrids which i am living proof of. i feel the human turned werewolf would def not be anything like a born werewolf. but hey i guess if you say you have seen it i don't doubt it. from all my knowledge Ive always known it to be impossible.

blood thirst is no joke on my part, i almost killed my ex when i first turned, : (

Yea, right I know I sound like a ***** but how do you know this?
This is kind of freaky you know. So like werewolves basically live everywhere and anywhere.
Like I would love to be a werewolf it would be pretty awesome I do really believe in them I don't even known if i am allowed I am a Muslim. Can religiously people become a werewolf?

How do you know these stuff?

Right okay, I am not really religious or anything I was just wondering. Also with my beliefs I believe if werewolves and vamps were put on this earth they have the choice to choose between good and bad just like everyone else I dont think were wolfs or vamps are demonic. And lycaon1900 aren't you a wolf but your calling yourself demonic kind of confusing

I'm Christian and its not like I talk crap on this page.

What do you mean?

I agree

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I am also not a hater but where the hell do werewolves live? Like all over the world? I believe that anything is possible but is seems pretty surreal

We live amongst humans, we are fewer in some areas than others. Some countries don't even have wolves...