Evidence Of Werewolf.

Where they are and what they look like when they are on beast form? Why their are werewolf? I need answer about them. If you have evidence ( example photo) or you are a lycanthrope please send me An email. I need information .
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Can I ask some questions

No one's gonna post a photo or a video because we stay to ourselves for reasons of self safety. It doesn't matter if people think we're wackjobs because there's no "proof" if we showed humans that we really existed, then here may be some that will come and hunt us down. There already are. But with a video a hacker could track us down by IP address and it would be easy for hunters or a frightened human to access it and kill us.

You are a werewolf?


Contact me. We need to talk.

And why is that?

LPV. Chat to me too! I'm missing out.

I need to do you some answer.

I need to know how do you become one is it worth it

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I desire know why...

they stay secret for a reason,

Stay secret the person that replied amdmited now I'm not master stleth but telling someone your something isent hideing and there's PLENTY saying they are