Wolf Training And Ranks?

I read a lot about how some people are "wolf training" to become stronger, obtain a higher rank, get control, or become a alpha. My question to everyone is what exactly do you or others mean by "wolf training" are they like basic exercises? Is there a certain way to train? Also, how many wolf rankings are there? Can you at least name them in order from highest to lowest that would be helpful. I want to know what wolf training is like so I can try it out. Also, how does one obtain a rank? I hear people say they were born an alpha because of birth right? I personally feel it is something you earn over years of training.

Please if you can answer or list highest to lowest wolf ranks you know of in order and tell me what exactly you do when you "wolf train"
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1 Response Jan 24, 2013

Betas are trained to become alphas. They are (probably) taught how to defend their pack, keep things in order and other things an alpha must do. The traditional packs have three to four basic ranks: alpha, beta, delta and omega. The new packs have things like Guardians, Setas, Octas, and so on.

Oh I see. I was told those earlier but some leave out beta and others leave out delta, so I wasn't sure.

what do we look like when we shift?