Hey people's, I have recently found out that werewolves are real to be honest I have always thought they might be real. I want to know if I could survive a werewolf bite to become one. I want to become one because I just want to be free, so if any of you lot know anyone who would be willing that lives anywhere near my location(mail me) please comment :)
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CelestriaWolf your a space cadet, and I don't engage with people that don't want to see reality and fantasize about things that don't exist. Bye....

Tori who says they haven't "discovered" werewolves and they haven't showed it to the public? And where's the solid evidence of god? I have heard of none yet. And don't say the bible. And no I hate twilight with a burning passion.

Honestly, if you conclude the form of a canine is the best representation of your soul, then you are that. No Genetics, no biting, no transformation. I am afraid there is no such thing as a werewolf per say, but there were giant lemurs. Soul of a wolf? perhaps so. Whatever feels right hun. Nuture your persona, it gives us all something to look forward to in the afterlife at least :]

Hello Farah, I strongly recommend hybrid25 he knows what he's talking about. I am also a wolf and still have little info I guess cuse I've only been a wolf for Alittle time now, but I would deffentily go with hybrid25.

thank you camo, i stay true to my words and am open about anything.

Wolfvampkiller got really mad at me and for over a week now he's been making me laugh with his alternate accounts with a similar name. Lol. You can read him writing a hate story then apologizing like a wiener.

I am going to bed night everyone

I live in the uk it has passed midnight

Really? I mean........really?

i am always happy when humans want to learn of our kind : )i like to pass on the knowledge i have learned in my time

farah, pm me if you want to know about werewolves. i can teach you alot if you want to learn.

Thank you :) I will tomorrow I am going to bed now its past midnight

ok, good night farah,


And to calorietroll, chill with the trolling a bit. You don't need to put any extra effort in making yourself look like a total ***. I understand its tough sitting in your grandmas basement night after night, surrounded by fanboy paraphernalia, and eating bagel bites. That doesn't mean you can take out your rage on innocent people online, whether they are wrong or not. Some people just need to be heard and I'm hearing you loud and don't have to be angry and alone anymore. I'm here for you and I'll be your friend

I'd prefer my grandma's and hot pockets are my FAV!!! See we're getting along already!!!

And hi Morph...haven't heard from you in a while

Aren't you adorable and confused :) I'm not a human

I not human, I'm a wolf

I'm sorry you feel the need to go to such extremes to escape whatever it is that you're dealing with, but even if being bitten worked (and it doesn't) it wouldn't be the answer to your problems. Find someone to talk to

I am not looking for an answer I am not depressed I want to be different i want to be independent to only rely on myself

That's hard to do at your age and it doesn't happen overnight. You can start now though and put yourself on that path

Thank you Az. Took the words out of my mouth. I'm a lone wolf and I know better than to think I can rely only on myself in every situation

I am 15 I am not a kid I have been through a lot but I just want something that is interesting in my life

Find your own individuality...that isn't based on what you are, but rather WHO you are. And you're still a kid, I just turned 24 and I am still a kid lol. Hang on to that

I can't drink because I am a Muslim I know I am a kid and just to let you know Azsuranil I already do caving, hiking, canoeing and camping I sometimes go swimming i have looked for interesting things there is nothing or my parents won't let me do some stuff. I have tried to find individuality but I can't there is nothing unique about me I just have a boring life

And now Morph has taken the words from my mouth >:)

I believe in my religion I can also believe in other things if I believe them to be real that's my personal view

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Nothing but genetics can make you a werewolf *record skips* Nothing but genetics can make you a werewolf *record skips* Nothing but genetics can make you a werewolf *record breaks*

Yea but if werewolves exist I believe any frickin thing is possible

We do exist but we can't make you a werewolf, its only genetics and our souls are wolf sould not human

Okay I'm still not going to stop believing though

You can't change what your soul or genetic makeup is, so ou can't become a werewolf

But I could already be a werewolf

I am a werewolf for one two no amount of saliva is gonna change your cellular makeup and what your soul is

Chill out everyone


Same thing. Difference is a therian sis into a full wolf a lycan transforms into something like a humanoid wolf

I see you have joined the dark side young calorie counter. It is good to have you on board regardless of our differences. What was your original account name before you took mine? wolfvampkiller? I dont even know any more

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