I Wasnt Born This Way

I know that most wolfs these days are born with it becuz it is pratically impossible to be changed by a bite or scratch but it happend on october 31, 2011 around midnight i was deep in the woods with ah few friends pretty high becuz we use to always smoke weed and go working down tewtracks just for fun and excitememt except that night we were walking for about an hour and we heard howolling and didnt think anything of it until we heard some noices lime branches moving and breaking and before i knew it all three of my friends were dead and i was and am a cross country runner so i booked it and got away at least i thought then i was tackled and bitten several times and i was inches away from death until i woke up the next morning and i was somwhat and i couldnt beleive i was ok and alive and it burned like fire until i felt it subside and ah rush came through me like i was reborn with strength better sight and smell and everything and i now live with my family in secret and with a girlfriend who knows and excepts it and i love her with all my heart and i would love to meet others like me cuz i never have
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Was that English?

The bite Didnt make you a wolf. Let me explain, the adrenaline rush from being attacked awakes your wolf which you already had thus giving you your werewolf abilities. You already were a werewolf

Either that or it's just the year his wolf side began to awaken

Could be, maybe it was just a coincidence

Probably. I mean if you think about it, most of us young wolves didn't know until recently, meaning we didn't know we were wolves until our gene started taking effect which seems to be in the early teen years or maybe slightly before

My wolfs always been active to a point I suppose, I've always had a strong love for nature and I used to run up the stairs on all 4s, stopped for whatever reason idr I think because my mom was starting to complain

Lol I used to love chewing things up and carrying it in my mouth when I was little, drove my mom nuts. My dad didn't care though, as long as it wasn't something really dirty. But all my stuffed animals, I carried it in my mouth, I ran on all fours too, but not all the time.

I always loved to chew on things lol. I still feel sorry for that pencil in first grade and my Ohio state jersey in second lol

Ok thx and thats makes sense seeing as how i was always ah good athlete and im faster reacting than anyone i know and my familyhas always had music in us i play guitar drums and piano and pretty much anything u put in front of me but thank u for explaining and i just talked to my dad and he explained everything

Ummmm why would you tell someone your a werewolf unless they are?

I use to run on all fours all the time i like scaring my friends with it now cuz were so good at it ya know but they dont know obviously but my girlfriend knows

I can't, my mom and grandma would have me committed lol

its my girlfriend and i intend on marrying her and i couldnt keep it from her and she noticed with like how great i was with sex and how superhumanly athletic we are and she called me out and i couldnt lie ti her

I can't see how a human girlfriend would know something like that. But I can't say I don't know what you mean AlphaSM

Yeah she knew about it from ah fake werewolf who was trying to be bitin and i told him u couldnt and its genetics and then knocked out bad enough so he wouldnt remember

Lol nice

Yeah wuat state do u live in though cuz i havent seen any other wolves and i live in michigan

I'm in Washington. I only know of my mate here. There aren't many wolves left here anymore

And im not ah creep or anything i just wanna meet one of my own kind and maybe run with ya on ah full moon

In michigan and where do u live

Or if u have ah cellphone u should give me yur # so i can txt ya and keep in contact

Well im an alpha so i can run down there without having to worry about gettin in trouble and i like yur story eveb if im an alpha i agree with u

I live in michigan and im an alpha and two others in my pack and thats it in michigan

But if u have ah phone u shoukd give me yur number so we can stay in touch for now until i can get down there

Message me yur cell

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