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For all you wolves who want to sit there and accuse me of making other accounts of this calorie douche bag, really idgaf what you all want to sit there and think and accuse me of. i came here acting like a douche bag..i got put in my place by hybrid25, i appologized...caloriecomes along we get in an argument bc i was trying to defend ALL OF YOU WOLVES!!!!! and all of a sudden im the bad guy! seriousally give me a break with this ****!
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This guy is such a hater and he uses dif accounts to do et

wolfvamp...if it is you, please stop. dont lower your self to caloriecountingiskeys standards ok!??

**** both of em. They have been on talkin crap to each other and wolfvamp copied his account to try and make him mad. hes a slimey pric

suck c.o.c.k you illuminant god hating satanist!!!! and hybrid its really not i swear to you!!!!

hmmmm. i will investigate this nonsense wolfvamp. if i find out this is you......

Look at his history. You are not stupid dude. once these accusing started calorie logged off and killer logged in

if it is him all hell will break loose... o.o

negative, deff not me.

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ur caloriecountingiskeyy and caloriecountingiskeyyy. y would he make multiple accounts of his own to troll when he does it himself

IDK!!! why are you asking me this. maybe its another guy in this forum, there is pleanty of people in this forum who have gotten into it with him, like lycaon, and a few others, why the hell are you singling me out from everybody else who got into it with him!? so stupid!!!

its just getting sad calorie. just stop. wolves arent stupid. You do the same with with the periods in between letters in curse words just like the impostor. riiitttteee

who do you think i learned that from!? i seen it so i did it so i could swear with out it being ******* out by those things!!

And the calorie duplicate just happened to get off when you got on. Rofl

good for him! idc anymore believe what you want!

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dawg give it a rest... we know it was you. Did you just happen to get on when this startyed? just bug off

"dawg" who the f.u.c.k are you??? juggalo? you dont know me or what my story is! and no.. you dont know its me because IT ISINT ME!!!!!! f.u.c.k.i.n r.e.t.a.r.d

there you go hating. this time on youre own account. nice

smh, your and idiot, i wouldn't have to hate if you all just left me alone and stopped the childish finger pointing crap

Its so obvious. dont you realize that? i could really care less its just makin me cringe seeing someone try and cover and lie about something that blatantly. damn

lol, yes bc im that destined to cover up a lie over people who dont know who i am in a forum on a cpu lol. what ever juggalo satanist. have a splendid night

Let's not stoop to caloriecountingiskey, who knows maybe wolfvampkiller isn't him.

We already found out though

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