What I am about to say will offend some of you, and frankly I don't care.
All of these werewolves out there saying that they aren't human know this,
even if you are a real werewolf, therian, or lycan you are in fact still human in some way, if you truly weren't human then you couldn't use this site. So when you say "i'm not human" you're just sounding like a bunch of ******* idiots!
ShadowOkami ShadowOkami
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Amen, preach it!

People are still replying to this story LOL wow. is this the most viewed story in this group?

Actually real legit werewolves can use this site dumby and they just have a human body for a disguise so tech not all human

Don't concern yourself with what the sheep think, or the prey, or wind etc.... Focus on your oath, your pack and yourself. People think what they think and say what they say, it still means nothing in the end. :-)

your attempt at trying to point out BS is appreciated by people like me, but these "werewolves" are still going to think they are better than HUMANS................ not understanding that THERE IS NO ANIMAL MORE DANGEROUS THAN A HUMAN ALREADY..............facepalm.

For the billionth time, we are not better than humans because we are humans.

OH SO YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL, then get off this forum and stop irritating PEOPLE LIKE ME.

Nope, I'm not special at all.

Hey ffirst of all you cannot be bitten you have to be BORN one second you havnt had your first shift change yet

Ok bitten does not work are you a big fan of Hollywood or something

Wow wtf indigo she wasn't bothering you your nothing but a total Troll

Sorry to be rude but......... YOU CAN'T BE BITTEN TO BE A WEREWOLF YOU HAVE TO BE BORN!!!!

By our oath we submit to being LESS than humans. It is our obligation to protect them since we desired to be like them. Don't desire to be what you clearly do not understand. This is why they fear your kind. Man became jealous and began to kill our kind indiscriminately to either wear our skins like some barbaric moron to "become like them" or because they realized they cant be a "werewolf" unless it is an earned blessing or curse.

Calm.down bud not all humans hate us aye so don't hate on another specie sure some.humans are poachers and hunters that but that doesn't mean all humans are like that

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This is partly true, although your soul is a wolf. You see, this human body is just a shell. We may still have our human needs and have a human body, but our soul is a wolf. It depends on your soul, not your physical appearance.

Add a response...

So, true. The werewolf is considered a Spirit and Human.

Is this conversation over?

WEREWOLF......Were= "man" ,therefor were+wolf=werewolf,which means man and wolf,google it.
for those of you who dont know,man(or woman) is a term used for a HUMAN,if you werent human you would just be a normal wolf.And last time I checked wolves cant use a keyboard


Last time I cheaked the werewolves actually live inside a humans body so there for they can actually use a keyboard

im not hue-man means someone isnt a full blooded "hue-man" (sorry mfs)
and it dosent matter what u think itz still a fact that there of species and other types of life forms interbred with hue-mans
and only a dumb azz hue-man cant comprehend that

you're missing the whole purpose of my "story". i would enlighten you but if you're too ignorant to read the whole story i'm not gonna waste my time.

I read and blake made a good point

i'm missing the purpose of ur story?

wat ****** story? u guys are haterz if u don't have it already u probaly can't get, so u hue-mans hate
for we are greater than u
at everything
story wat ****** story? are u talking about the paragraph u wrote for this post?
ur a little kid i'm mostly gonna completely ignore u guys from now on while on this site

wow you really are stupid are you "hue-man". if you really understood the story (thats what they are calle don this site) then you would have realized that i did not disprove the existance of the beings i simply said that if you claim to be a wolf or were wolf or what ever that you are still in fact part human. because if you weren't human then you wouldnt be able to use this site. on a side note blakseminolekhmetikan learn how to spell. seriously calling someone a "dumbazz" or a "hue-man" makes you look exceptionally stupid. Also you call me a little kid? Okay i'm only 16 so what? no one cares on the internet

shutup puppy cub i misspell words on purpose cuz i hate english
and everything it stands for i went ta a wsu for writing and i won maad spelling bees in like elementary i know how to spell just fine
u tha *** should i?
i don't follw hue-man rules like u im not in that box
i'm a hexagon outcyde of it
and u
are u really part wolf?
since when are wollves concerned about hue-man grammar so much? lol clown
is mama wolf gonna give u a bad grade?
dumb azz yea 16 matters on the internet and just in life cuzz itz pretty obvious

puppy cub? youre mixing two different species of animals young by the way. you won mad spelling bee's in elementary school huh? well im guess you didn't make it out of elementary school with grammar like that

shutup little kid u can't **** with me
don't u get it? i don't care u sound like full a blooded hue-man to me

obviously i am getting to you. you sound like an immature adult for arguing with a kid on the internet. you call me a "full a blooded hue-man"? well you sound like a full blooded dumbass xD

Can't you spell the word human?

ur slow
u are definitely a full blooded hue-man
u should have faster synapses and neurons
yours aren't firing to fast
i spell it like that on purpose
#cuz i fukkken feel like it
i'm not concerned with hue-man rules

Who does that concern? Me or him? I'm not slow. At least I read the entire story and understand the concept. Besides I'm not full wolf either.

mostly him, but everyone keeps trying to tell me how to spell hue-man , like i'm not doing it like that on purpose. fukkk hue-mans
who cares
i'm obviously not full wolf either
or i wouldn't be typeying on the

Look who's slow now? I didn't mean it like that 'hue-man'. I'm a hybrid. Not complete wolf. Not complete human. Not complete anything really.

that's pretty much the same thing.. but like a greatly oversimplified example
ur defintion
bastante bien
so how do u feel about hue-mans

You cannot be half and half

but why spend more time typing liek dis instead use proper spelling. it's ALOT easier and it doesnt make you seem dumb

it is faster that iz y i do it
someone thinks i'm dumb
- undercover dumb

OK. Then I'll think your dumb.

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I'm a human<br />
My wolf is a wolf<br />
We are a werewolf<br />
There IS a difference, you learn to live together after a while.

I lost my human side but I'm not a wolf either

I swear I'm gonna start counting how many times people say that werewolves are just humans. XD

Your right,but sometimes people roleplay just to get out of their stressful life. Sometimes it's fun pretending your something your not ! :) Something different is good for you.

The point of their story was that werewolves are humans, not that they don't exist. Were means (hu)man, so werewolf means human-wolf. But I agree with you, it is fun and good to pretend. It keeps the mind and imagination healthy.

All the dumb people pretending to be a werewolf or whatever else saying they aren't humans should be banned.

Werewolves are Shapeshifters, shifting from human to whatever, so you're half correct

You are an idiot to think a werewolf can shift into whatever a werewolf can shift into two forms human and wolf that's it no other form.

finally someone who has common sense! i wont troll on you because i like you now :D

THANK YOU!!!! I mean come on once u were human and u still have a human half so u are still technically human in a way... I am no a were wolf yet but j am looking to become one...and when I become one I know I will still be human but with a wolf half that likes to come out and play

I'm glad someone realized it.

you'd think they'd break down the name before taking on that classification. it literally means "HUMAN wolf"

but I am a wolf D: ask my fleas, they'll tell you

Some one help me my name is Savannah keys and I don't know what's wrong with me for the pat couple of months something weirds been happening .I don't what to do I'm scared I can hear people that I can't see talking about and about waiting for the right time please I'm begging I can't think I'm pissed all time and I've even wanted kill my family I can't sleep ican barely walk
And stand there are time s were I've attacked my brother and he bleed and it was a joyful feeling my eyes are different I react to everything I know it is I heard them say it me

A lycan is a werewolf and therians are not real wolfs!

Were is the proof? You tell people qbout the subject yet some of the repliers could be cons. (Not saying you are) All you need is a piece of proof.that would grab my attention.

why would we expose ourselves

Well you see, thats the thing.if you didn't expose people would shut you out.why bother telling a story about your "predictament" when you know people won't believe it.but, with proof, with hard proof people would understand.if you have seen some comments people sceptisize about the topic.I'm not saying wereqolves aren't real, I'm saying that they need proof.

because we don't know how people would react because a lot of people don't like change or better yet don't like what they cant control

Then start with people you trust.see how it goes from there.

Is yhat good enough for you?

That's easier said than done

But Its not impossible.

Your already advertising it on a website. Besides, im not gonna react to what a can't control, thats what an M16 with 2000rnds is for ;)


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Couldn't have put it better myself



you yourself are no Kami.


How can i turn werewolf?

what do you mean

You can't you have to be born one

Yes! You make a valid point.. glad I wasn't the only one thinking this.

Thank you!!

you're welcome

I almost fell off my bed reading this! I needed a good pick up today thank you! Though I agree with your statement. ;)

im glad I could help

I don't think I'm a wolf...can I still breed with one and have cute lil puppies? :D

I'm new to this site, so I'm not sure how the typical response would be, but I have to say that this post makes me sad. The site is for people who just need someone to talk to. So instead of bashing people who say that they in fact "are not human", shouldn't you just let them be and support them in whatever they believe for themselves?

actually this site is for sharing experiences. the reason I put this story up is because im sick and tired of hearing these kids say "im not human"

Humanity is something any werewolf, lycan or therian has. It's something we take pride in. It's sad that so many have to hate on it so much

I hate you, you ******* human. You need to go eat ****. Stupid humans. Smfh...

you're basically insulting yourself, you do know that right?

Seth, please learn the term 'sarcasm'.
-face palm- some people, I swear. Just cause you're young doesn't mean you can't know big words, kid.

I can't tell sarcasm over the internet!!


I cant tell over the internet! I can tell in vocal communications

Lmao... Thanks for making my morning... Laughed at this response :-p please don't eat me though...

I don't like eating humans. I'd rather kill them and watch their blood splatter. ^.^

Alrighty then... Lets not do that either :-(

Okay. c;

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yea its funny when people pretend

Yeah, haters aren't appreciated.

sounds good to me, ppl need to stop bitching
about it

wow more positive reactions than I would have thought

Totally agreed.