Right people say that werewolves are real some people don't. I think everyone is allowed to believe what they want to. It's kind of like religion in a way I suppose. Well me personally I believe in ghosts and dark magic. I don't really believe in vamps but I do believe in werewolfs. That's is my belief I don't know if werewolfs are real or not I don't know if those of you out there that claim to be one are real you could be but I don't know you so I couldn't say. Somewhere out in the world I think there are werewolfs. All the stories from the past have to have come from somewhere and please no nasty comments but feel free to share your thoughts
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I want to be your friend.

I think there might be but not on here. There are people that claim they are something like werewolf kin but that's really vague and impossible to prove or disprove so that's why they jump to it. But yeah, maybe somewhere on this earth

Yea that's what my views are more or less as well