The Old Me Again

The fact that all you wanted to point fingers at me besides a select few who actually do believe me, you idiots who think i just want to make multiple accounts to argue with someone in a damn werewolf forum is lame. just like 95% of you. im going to go back to the old me! you all think im a douche bag!? after i sincerely apologized to this whole forum about how stupid i acted when i first joined guess what!? im going to act obnoxious again, mean again, disrespectful again. and guess what!? if you all report me I WILL make multiple accounts to be an a.s.s again and when i actually do make multiple accounts i will be glad to admit it so you all can thank your selves bc starting tomorrow this forum will never be the same! call it drama central!!!!

sincerely, your fav wolfvampkiller aka (DOUCHEBAG)
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If you guys really want people like this to **** off block them and don't comment on their stuff. I've decided that I will not respond to people like this any more.<br />

Interesting. I never thought any of this would be blown so far out of proportions. If people could just GROW UP (I'm talking to almost everyone here), then we wouldn't have any of these damn problems :/

This crap is getting old. Grow up, or get the **** off this forum.


What I mean is, why does he feel the need to have such a response. I know you may feel you know why, and I accept your opinion, but I was really asking him more than you. I'm sorry.

*growls* wtf! Are you kidding me, and you have the nerve to ask me that! Ugh, wow you have serious problems, I mean what the hell did you think I was going to say.'s not this, it's what he asked me that pissed me off

if you respect me then CUT THE S.H.I.T, if it was you or if it wasnt you, its over and done with ok!? the ones who dont believe you....block them then, no point in arguing because it makes things worse, trust me ive learned the hard way. chill out. im not asking you im telling to you to chill!

whatever hybrid! im done ok? ill leave and let these stupid little wolves live in their fantasy world

i didn't ask for a dramatic reply! i asked you to stop. leave now and do not talk to anyone else.... got it!?

yes. sorry

Lycaon hes not coming back. And this discussion is over

Nice hybrid.

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Well I'd recommend not opening the door to your house there's a piano above the door tha will drop one your head

yay! im a great piano player too. i love chopin bach and beethovem

Dude back off, do I need t get hybrid25?

o0Oo you gotta have a bigger badder wolf fight your battles for you huh!? looks like you will never be an "alpha"hahahha just a little b.i.t.c.h to all your other wolves in your pack

Ill skin you alive then cover you in fire ants *****

just up my ally buttercup, make sure you bring the KY and the whips

Or I could always claw your eyes out and shove then down your throat and while your choking slowly chew your neck off

mmmm fresh meat, i taste good i promise! specially after my bodies loaded with wolfsbane. if thats real or not lol

Ok morph, I'm just tired of this idiot and this kind of stuff made him leave last time

Good point, sometimes when I deal with these idiots I don't think of that stuff, it just gets old. It would be best if we all ignored wolfvampkiller/calory/ whatever. We al, know he's only doing this to get a reaction so if we don't give him what he wants, a reaction, he'll stop bothering us

he will not be a problem anymore guys! at least for now. me and him have a certain understanding and a thin line he does not want to cross,

No I said weather it is you or isint you just stop bc arguing makes things worse.

dude what did you do to him??

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Like for real, do you think people didn't see you make 4 accounts yesterday and spam that story?

that's the thing there buddy, i have nothing to admit, as i just said in this story if i have to make 4 accounts i would gladly admit to it. i came on here originally a douche bag you think if i wanted to be one by making four different accounts i wouldn't admit to it!? if it was me id gladly admit it, i enjoy being a douche bag and now thanks to everybody im going to be one again.

It's easy to ignore people on here, man. I'm not hating but you need to own up. People love haters. It's fun, it's exciting. But in the end the hater is the one that has nobody.

thats the thing, if im a hater i admit to it, did you see the s.h.i.t i posted when i first joined? obnoxious talking s.h.i.t to these lowlifes. im glad to be a ***** and admit to it proudly, making different accounts? lol naw not me, if it was like i said id gladly own up to it if i did, but thats not gunna happen because in no way shape or form was that me. plus i dont have 4 different emails o make 4 different accounts. isint emails required to keep making accounts!?

you can type anything in to the box example: sfgshsfth@fgdht. you know that.

actually i didnt know that, but now i do and when i post so many bullshit stories now and everyone flags me i CAN make other accounts now and when i do ill gladly let everyone know its me

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I think if you just admit it, everyone will stop caring.