I'M Not Afraid You Little Fakes, Not Anymore

**** you all. I'm not going to be afraid anymore. Your threats are idle. **** you all

Especially you hybrid. **** you
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A friend of mine told me to be the bigger person yesterday and I tried, so I'm going to say please back off there's no point in bugging us. You probably just want attention to a reaction so please pay no attention to any of the calories or wolfvampkiller, not causing calorie of being him, but please pay no attention to either and without the reaction and attention they'll leave.

Mountainwolf this account isint wolf vamp. It is lycaon lol

I know for a fact when I told wolfvampkiller to leave...he left.

Just look at that line u just wrote then look at. The Story. Theyre identicle. Ur mad bc wolfvamp left when I asked him to so u got mad n wrote this story. Its quite obvious. N idc how long u have been here. Ur still young and angry. Thats all. Have a nice day. Lycaon.

Yeah but lets use commen sense lycaon. If 99.9% of the people in this forum believe the other accounts are him why would he go and make ANOTHER account with another y at the end of the name just to talk crap when he just wrote a story on his wolfvamp name saying he was gunna start acting like a douchebag again. That makes no sense. And when wolfvamp swears he uses periods inbetween the letters so people know what swear word it is. You are the only wolf on this forum that swears this much and the swear words are always blocked with the * symbol. U got mad bc he left when I asked him to so u decided to make this account n write this story its plainly obvious lycaon im not dumb. He was the bigger man and walked away. Me n him have a solid understanding and respect for eachother I know for a fact he wouldnt create another account on here n talk crap. N besides u theres nobody else on this whole forum that has a problem with me nor do I have a problem with anyone eelse. I keep and open mind and listen n try n help everyone. Even after u talk crap to me n swear at me I still commented on ur story about sleep shifting n tried to maybe help. Weather u needed my help or not I still tried to be a better man n help. But if u wana constantly try n pick a fight with me n act like a big bad wolf its not gunna happen lycaon. Have a nice day.

Lycaon. Its not the same person bc wolfvamp admitted to me that those other accounts were his and I know this aint wolf vamp

So y would it be what? The other accounts were wolf vamp. He admitted it to me already.

Bc u got so mad when wolfvamp said he would leave. Callin me names. N then this story just magically pops up calling me out at the end of it. N when u get angry u sound just like this guy who posted this story. Alsooo wolfvamp was the one who made those other accounts so I know he wouldnt make another one n call me out.

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Who ever made those other accounts always made sure there were spaces in the letters so the swear words can be seen. Lycaon always swears at least 3 times a sentance and is blocked with the ******* this account is obviousally lycaon lol. Nice try tho.

What's going on that made you say that?

That doesn't do much good, I mean; What does he say, and what do you say? What is the relationship that makes you try to scare him?

lol wut wolfkiller...?