It's thundering and lighting outside I was wondering are you werewolves scared of it? Because I am really freaked out. And it's night don't get me wrong i love the night and darkness when it's not raining a hailing tons. I like a peaceful night with the moon but when the weather is like this I am scared it makes me want to cry. So I was wondering does it scare you?
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Hmm actually now that I think about it. I don't know what I'm scared of.

Im scared of the thunder because its spontaneious. Like celestriawolf

Ikr?! It's like right when you're not expecting it: BOOM!!!! TTATT

Yeah. It gets me alot.

I know. But I can't say anything because my parents would basically call me a coward or something

Yeah. Mine will to. I just say im afraid of lightening because itll kill you.

True, very true

Yes. But itll get them off your tail. Try it sometime.

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It freaks me out a bit since it's spontaneous. But only the thunder scares me, not the lightning.

I like thunder and lightning. But it's not like we all like or hate it. It's like all other fears some people hate certain things. Such as I hate needles but others might not.

I used to hate needles too, eventually got over it with vaccinations for 2 months tho. So its like most fears you have to face them to get over them.

I can't take them exspecialy blood tests. Watching your blood being taken there's just somethingso wrong about it.

I absolutely hate storms. I'm fine with some rain but an all out storm like that makes me wanna run and hide. Freaks me out so much

Same here someone understands(:

So most of you like it, lucky for you

I love storms n general. Its a display of how powerful nature can be.

Not exactly. If it gets too loud where I can't sleep I go apeshit. But not exactly scared.

Glad I could amuse you. ;)

Right so they don't bother you unless your trying to sleep

Yes ma'am. Then it gets annoying as hell. Some people say it's calming. I think they're ******* mental. Like yeah somebody banging on your ******* walls while you're trying to sleep is calming.. Right..

Someone that understand me it is ****** annnoying Isn't it and its so loud

xD I agree!


4am where I'm from now, and the reason Im awake is due to a storm, nice timing for this discussion haha. Have to agree with this they aren't frightening, just irritating as hell when your windows vibrate with the thunder and your woken up and the storm just wont give up...

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