mortalibus. omnes similiter peribitis vos in manu mea. et infirmi animi invasione animas vestras.
rakshasis rakshasis
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Stultus es et caseum olere.

Can anyone tell me how I stop being notified of the comments on this story. It's just boring now, this guy is laughing his boxers off with the reaction he has provoked.

Delete your comments is the only way unfortunately.

mortals. you shall all likewise perish by my hand. and the weak of mind taking over your souls.


I agree ;-)

Hey things like this keep me from getting bored at work.

Only got half way through and started laughing.

RAKSHASIS!? wow. um for those mocking this "demon" rakshasis is the name of an actual hindu demon. weather he is telling the truth or just blowing steam out his ***. the rakshasa demon actually exists

Rakshasas aren't demons... And he's no rakshasa.

Rakshasa is a demon or evil spirit in hinduism that feeds of human flesh. The reason I was so shocked is bc I dated a girl from new dheli india. She knew a ton about the hindu religon and spirtualistic stuff n the rakshasa or rakshasas was something she covered in a lot of detail. Idk a lot about demons but im just going off what she knew.

Its technically a daemon. I did a write up on them not to long ago. Aside from that I just wanna point put why would a hindu daemon be speaking latin. Yeah.....

Lol no idea. Idk anything really about any demons or daemons. I feel like if its a demon or daemon it could speak any language it wants. But again its probably some random guy bored. Tryyyyying to stir up stuff.

Yup. Judging by the idiot response in mass he succeeded.

Whats the difference between a demon and a daemon?

Demons are malevolent. Daemons can be either. A daemon is a type of spirit being. My kin can be classed as daemon

Most supernatural beings and creatures can be classified as daemons.Daemons are basically anything between man and god.

ALL demons serve the same prince mortal, no matter what religion i am said to come from. no matter what tongues i speak in. i come for the same purpose. What ever you silly humans THINK you know about our existence, in your books and literature. movies and documentaries you have barely scratched the surface. and for you Fae, you know nothing to what you claim.

I know plenty to what I claim. Your a troll and a tool. I don't watch movies and documentaries and the fact that a supposed daemon would sit and watch them to confirm or deny it further discredits you. On top of this you don't know the diff between a daemon and a demon which are in fact two very different things further proves your a fraud. You came here to rile people up with a poorly constructed fascade. Keep in mind not everyone on here is fake. I swear some of you are such tools.

you mortal are really as dumb as you look, to even consider me a daemon you are feeble minded and as dumb as your race was made to be. you claim to have backups on facts that are merely fake. your stupid books are worthless and have made you even more idiotic than you once were. go step back into your boxing ring because being knocked around is where you belong mortal. if you knew anything about my species and what i plan to do with my vessel your tone would quickly change you young stupid girl. if you read on Rakshasa and indeed call me a daemon then you really are stupid.

Shows how stupid your game is when you don't even know what a fae is. *rolls eyes.

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Does indifference kill you? if thats all you get will you starve?

Dont worry the vampires will sort them out if not im sure some or other super hero will come to our rescue. Should we wary of full moon

please human, post this on all "werewolf" and "vampire" forums here to anger them, then go back to your emotional world were it will be easy for me to inhabit you.

You killing I am laughing my butt of. This is so funny keep going you really entertaining me

Are you from the Jacob clan, if you are a real werewolf then Edward exists too oh yes and Santa and lets not forgot the Easter Bunny. And if the pot is really good the universe speaks to you

you will do mortal, you will irritate these so called werewolves into anger to feed my power. do you still feel like you want to cut yourself? because your sadness will as well feed me. quia infirmantem

O now really I'm running for the blade as we speak, my sadness feed you. I don't think so. Reality check dude you need to relax on the pot or the meth

This, is what i needed mortal. please continue.

Cant we skip the bullshit and start working on those wolf babies

babies... your kids will die. to an abusive relationship

That I doubt very much.

there is nothing to doubt, they will perish due to your courage.

How long have you been tripping, its time to come down now

nope im the real deal. Just take it easy on the pot my little brother who permantly on pot and thinks his someobody has continue this buffy the vampire slayer and van hellson must we bring garlic and a silver bullet i have a rosary since my beliieve in God is much stronger than any of this crap. Playing with demons i hope you kids realize what you doing. Im not afraid God is with me always. Redeem yourself.

let it be, i accidently crossed your path. You guys are playing with fire. I stand firm in my believe that God will protect me against all evil. I just pray that you kids will come to your senses.

Kids will act like kids so u should probably leave. God does not judge right? He may not like the fact ur making fun of other peoples beliefs. Thats childesh.

im leaving.....

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3 stories, same content, same person, same name, same threat.

the only threat is yourselves.

That may be so. But going out of your way to point it out? There is no point, no benefit.

there is. to see you all fail. to see you all perish into our hands of our prince. to feel the energy of lost souls that fuel our power

There is no point in telling us. Letting us know the information, giving us time to research and prepare. Wouldn't it have been more satisfying to hit us while we knew nothing? Catch us off guard? Watch us scream and fight back without any preparation and seeing us fall right into a trap executed by your "Prince"? There was no point in telling us any of this. You gain nothing, you only gain the comments of hate and anger. You make it easy for those who are experienced to weed through everything you've said, to find the holes in your words. There is nothing to gain here.

hate and anger is what fuels me mortal. That's what i am here to cause i have everything to gain. there are no holes in the words that come from my mouth.

Is that so? Then how did Azuranil make such good points against you? Be what you will, but make sure you have everything. Hate and anger are always here, you didn't need to post anything to feed off of it. That is, if you truly are a demon

he made no valid points against me, he knows nothing to our kind. hate and anger are always because of my kind. hatred...anger....lust.....greed is the result of the pit feeling you get from my doing.

So you say. Either way, I don't see why a demon would go through the trouble of finding a body to possess and come here.

ahhhhh my angry Mexican friend, welcome to my forum of hatred where you will begin to get mad and fuel my lust towards your failure

I would imagine a demon would find greater pleasure in torturing souls in real life, not the internet. I see no demon here, I see someone wanting trouble and getting it.

because mortal. possession through technology is the seed of this decade. it is sadly what you pitiful humans depend on. your phones,computers, tablets. with out them your shriveled little minds would not work. your souls, your minds are trapped within the machines that your race made. soon the vessel i search will be found through the weakened minds of your technology

If we had no machines, we wouldn't need it. But evolution has caused this. I must say I do enjoy it, it provides entertainment and more connection to others, but not all of us want to depend on them.

evolution will be your ultimate destruction.

Yes, we all know that. Every person in the world, other than places without technology, knows this and didn't need someone like you to tell it to us again

yes lycaon, let me feel your Mexican anger. as i touch these keys you help my point to be prooven.

That sounded so perverted -_-;

ALL demons serve the same prince mortal, no matter what religion i am said to come from. no matter what tongues i speak in. i come for the same purpose. What ever you silly humans THINK you know about our existence, in your books and literature. movies and documentaries you have barely scratched the surface.

i do not feel like coming to California to prove this. in time you will realize.

we do not work off what you pitiful humans ask of us, lets strike a deal shall we?

i will make you thee alpha of your pack. the baddest werewolf around. not 1 wolf on here would be able to touch you, i will enhance your speed, agility, strength, but in return all i need is one thing from you.....

Omg lololololol "all I need os one thing from you......"


I really did crack up when I read it.

Do we have a deal or not Lycaon? and i do not want your soul. i want the next born male in your family. you must hand him over to me at the age of 7 months so i can sacrifice him to my prince.

This sounds like Rumpelstiltskin :/

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tenetis inanes minas

i do not make threats human. you belong to a moon pack of fake wolves. when the time comes you will bow to me

And u are?

considering you claim to be a demon which you may or not be i doubt my own demon would allow that so run along sweetie before you cry at the amount of people who are gonna react to this

who me?

Not u rakshasis

oh lol he is claiming to be one of the rarest demons

your demon does not exist mortal. your lies radiate like the stupidity of your race.

Oh really?

mhmm and the lies that you spew stand out like a idiot in a room of smart people now go away

Wow now this sounds interesting. And he should leave. All of us are just tired of people like him bothering us.

a demon is a master of lies, so if you do trick me in the fact of you having a demon, you are deceived. if your demon exists he belongs to me! he belongs to our dark prince.

Alright this is getting old real fast. Rakshasis, just leave us all alone. If u think that's what's gonna happen, fine. Jut don't badger us on this. And everyone else who will see this just don't reply. Stop the problem before it gets too big.

He's full of crap. They always are

Claiming he is such a strong demon, he is no real demon. A real demon would just come and torture us all, not take the time to find a body, go onto the computer, and post such a simple threat and claim on three groups.

And he did something where he gains nothing. A demon does nothing without something in return. That is how they work. A contract may have been struck, yes, but it is highly unlikely any human would contract a demon to come and harass us.

That was covered with my other comment. They'd need to find someone who's easy to control. Someone who's mind they could manipulate to the point where they couldn't put up a fight.

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Translation: mortals. you shall all likewise perish by my hand. and the weak of mind taking over your souls.