My Personal Hybrid/Mixture

A lot of people on here are hybrids and I think that's awesome. Me specifically, I am part human and part squid ( and werewolf of course) My hunting varies from land to sea. I lead an exciting life with adventure and troubles. My biggest difficulty is living so far from my beloved sea.

Thanks guys
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Are there such things as Pandapires???

Are your parents werewolves dont get mad at me though i just want to know

You roleplayers are cute playing your games trolling believing your a hybird sorry bud but hybirds don't exsist

So you're like a Sea-Wolf??

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Squid? So you have tentacles?


Well hey, I'm part Behemoth/Swamp Nymph with a bit of Demon. No biggie

what the heck? part squid?

Somebody been smokin' too much crack....

Okay. So, one group says they're a vampire and the other says they're a werewolf. There's always some *** that says "duuur I'm bofffth!!!" Or in your case squid..

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