Ok i know that wolves are monogamic and that many werewolves say that they have imprinted but is that true?? Do really werewolves have imprints?? If yes, should i be worried that i havent imprinted yet?
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You are a werewolf you should know

Real or fake, some of you werewolves are hot...I'll howl at the moon with one of you even if it makes me look crazy ;p

So they are your moon?

I'll imprint you :)

On the bed mattress?

wolves dont imprint. we find mates.

Ok thank you for your help! :)

np ;)

Do vamps glitter in the sun too???

To me it seems everyone just takes things from movies and runs with it

Welcome to a day in my life.

Shut the **** up

whats the prom Camohunter121??

what about him?

oh xD lol

I'm glad you came out of the closet camo. Good for you.

what is that supposed to mean?

He made a coming out post a couple of days ago and then started hating on my because i'm not gay.

Funny you *******. Go burn in hell

Idk. Don't pay attention to hum

well he didnt say that he was gay first of all. i have had many strange sexdreams but they dont nesseseraly mean anything. And even if he is gay, do you really think it is apropriat to bring that up as an argument to someone u dont like?

He started this just now on this page, or can you not read?

I am. Not ******* gay and what a ***** blocking me

Caloriecountingiskey: calm the **** down and watch your mouth. Even if he is gay or bi or whatever the dude wants to be what is your problem? Get a life and dont you EVER think to talk to him like that. EVER AGAIN

Loanna, you're a *****, camo is a tool bag, and it's hilarious to see you guys rage. Moar please? I love how i never even start any of this lol

i know he did, and yes i can read thank you. Thats not my point, you two clearly have some issues, and thats not my buisness. Im just sayin that sexuality aint something to drag in all of this. thats just stuiped, and arent you an Alpha? you should know better then..

How about you burn in hell calorie countie sky. And I am not gay or bi I am striaght

Camo, I didn't know you were gay and i didnt mean to offend you by calling you a queer. If thats your life thats cool but stop trolling

Don't call her a ***** you *****!! Your the one who blocked me. Soo gladly BURN IN HELL

Dude you need to chill....I even clicked rate up on your gay rights story to apologize. She is a big stinky cow pie, BTW

You moron. First of all my name is Ioanna. Secondly i personally know neither of you but i sure as hell dislike racism. You are talking to him like you re a homophobic rat or something. Show some respect to the other people and you might gain some back


The gays aren't a race, moron. Nice try though! The word you were looking for was prejudice. Thanks for playing, though :)

If you have studied anything more than comics you would know that racism is hating someone for his race,sexuality, political views etc. I m not surprised you didnt know that though

Whoa, kiddo, calm down. I don't have the ability to "hack" into anything. I'm sorry I made you think I was hating on the gays but you started it camo. I'm cool with whatever you are.

Comics...? Maybe if you didn't watch so much twilight you would know the differences between different words and their usage.

It's like if you said, "I hate black people" and myself calling you sexist. No sense.

Hahaha! Seriously?? Well man i gotta inform you that english isnt my mother tongue but for sure i know what racism means because the word racism and race are latin! So get a hold on. As far you act not homophobic or you dont bully anyone you ll be ok with me

Oh god a burrito stuffer....


Whatever! I m tired of fighting with you.

Dude own up to your responsibilities

Everybody calm down. The person who wrote that story could have been anyone. It wasn't camohunter121 because I noticed that camohunter12I who wrote that story is oviously not the real one. I noticed because camohunter121 has 200 or so stories the other one has 1. Also camohunter12I the last number is actually an upper case i. So everyone can calm down.

Yeah seriously

Unbelievable lol I guess I'd find it annoying too SheAngel

You mad bro? Lol

What now? Someone came out of the wolf closet?

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