Are You Role Playing Or Being Serious?

I am starting to study on myths and legends of wolf lore. I do not claim to be or seen any werewolves or wolf-like human being. Nor am I here to troll anyone just wanted some answers. I cant tell if some of you are role playing or actually being serious. For those being serious please message me I have a couple of questions other than the ones I have here and for those role playing please find something better to do.... not to sound harsh, but seriously there must be something better to do do in your lives.

and now for my questions how and when does one change?

do you turn to a actual wolf, wolf-human hybrid, or is it more spiritual that we cant necessarily see the change but its there?

If you do change what do you do with your clothes? (Do you change back with your clothes perfectly normal?)

How does one become a werewolf?

What are different, ranks, or titles of werewolves?

How many types of werewolves are there?

How does one become alpha?

What and how do you "wolf train"?

What exactly is an imprint?

These are just basic questions I have of many those willing to answer seriously please do so, for those who are role playing or trolling please leave ...
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4 Responses Jan 31, 2013

1. with concentration and effort
2. for me its a biped (walks on two legs) fur head to toe tail wolf face paws for feet just larger
3. yup have to stash clothes or they get shredded
4. genetic bud no bites no spells just genetic
5. ranks no idea im on my own been that way since birth
6. again no idea im the only one like me that i know
7. dont think there are alphas like in a wolf pack but again no idea im a rogue (lone wolf)
8. training no idea never heard of it
9. the only imprint i know of is on that crap movie twilight (no offense if u like i didnt)

I myself just roleplay and play along with others. I figured...if you can't beat em, join em.

1. Some,anytime they want.
2.Not sure.
3.Sometimes they stash their clothes before changing and once they are done they to back to the stash and dress.
4.Defiantly, NOT being bitten,that's fake to me. Either your parents were one or someone in your family is one.
4. Alpha, Beta, Omega, Nurser, Pups
5. Those that walk on all fours and those that walk on two legs.
6. Battling.
7. Never heard of that.
8. Don't know that either. XD

You have many good questions and some people are role playing (dont ask me why) but others like me are real. For all of your questions the answers will probably differ because just like there are different types of wolves their are also different types of werwolves.