How I Became A Werewolf

It all started when I was ten years old, five days before I turned eleven. On this day I started feeling an unusual crave for meat. Cooked, not raw. This, for me, was very unusual. I was on a strict vegan diet. But that morning at breakfast I wolfed down all of the bacon and sausage before anyone got any. My mom grounded me, and I got really mad. I got on one side of my bed and flipped it over. I knew something strange was going on, because I didn't really MEAN to do all of this. It's like I couldn't control myself. My friends saw me acting this way. My friends back then were horror movie geeks, especially when it came to werewolves and vampires. They told me what was going on, but then I said I had never been attacked by a wolf. They said I didn't have to be attacked. I was really confused. Then they asked me what day I was born. I said Friday, and then they said, on which moon. I looked it up, and I was born on a full moon. They then asked me which moon it was when I was conceived. I asked my mom for the date, and looked it up. I said a new moon, and my friends gave me this weird fluid to drink. They said it had a rat spleen in it, so I threw it down and stormed off. On the night of my birthday it was a full moon. I was looking in the mirror and knew something was wrong. My eyes were a really bright blue, my hair was slicked back on it's own, my teeth were really sharp, and my ears were back and pointed. All of the sudden ever bone in my body snapped and shifted. It was very painful the first time. My hair turned silver and grew all over me. When I looked up, I saw a monstrous silver colored wolf. I was terrified, but I couldn't control myself. I jumped threw a window and ran off on all fours. The next morning, I woke up next to my oak tree, naked and blood-stained. Every transformation then on was at will. Quick, painless, and I even knew what I was doing. I am a silver werewolf, one of the most rare breeds on Earth. People say werewolves are evil. But they aren't. What humans don't know is that we protect them from the evil spirits known as "Vampires". This is why I pity humans, and why I'm proud to be a werewolf.
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im 10 year old werewolf and i need real help i dont want my family to know they will hate me what do ido help me

I feel ya ..those damn blooded suckers turned my mate half...but i still her no matter what

Silver is not at all rare and honestly this sound like its straight from teen wolf.

To tell the truth. I've seen teen wolf it's nothing like this. Lol

The slicked back hair and ears is very teen wolf. The blue eye thing is kanima.

Is that story true??

Yeah I remember the kanima on that show, he was crazy.

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