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F*Cking Idiots.

Im getting really fed up with all this crap. Two things that are annoying me the most. The first is all this trollfile, alternate persona stuff. Really, what the hell is wrong with all of you? You are a bunch of crybabies. Do you not realize how utterly stupid you all look fighting with trolls? THEY ARE TROLLS. Their main purpose is to **** you off AND YOU LET THEM! Then you throw around you stupid little threats and make yourself look like bigger idiots. Im tired of it. I have two profiles. ONE that I use constantly. Another simply to have commented on a specific group and I retained my name on it. Grow the hell up, really.

Second thing. This crap hybridfaker wishes to stir up. Truth of the matter is he makes fake profiles to make himself look good. Most of you have noticed this and brought it up before I ever stated it openly. What I think is funny is though he tries to sound like such the victim I have not bashed him, I have not trolled him, and I have not wrote any stories on him. I don't have to. He is too busy making a big enough fool of himself.

Yes I went to TN this past weekend. To visit my best friend who lives in Athens tn. I stayed in Knoxville. We went to museums and clubbing. It was a lot of fun. I did NOT go out there for some nonexistent pack as hybrid accuses. Why would I waste my gas on something that isn't real?

I am also being accused of being uppity because he wont bow to me. I don't expect anyone to bow to me. Yes I am a ***** but I have NEVER tried to have ANYONE on here bow to me, even those of you who I openly dislike. Even those who call me elder when I am not and have expressed my feelings on the matter.

Now some things I wish to point out. I think its very odd that someone who was so unsure of who and what they were and had no pack supposedly has this huge pack of vamps and wolves that are oh so stronger than everyone else in the world in only a few months. I also think its odd that this is presumably a physical pack. Now most of you know how difficult it truly is to find a physical pack. Or even meet other wolves in person for that matter. And yet some how in just a few months he has a pack of the best and Also when I view and alpha or a leader they are typically calm and collected. A master of their emotions. Strong and responsible. Now call me crazy but a guy that freaks out constantly, is always losing his temper over things ONLINE, and hands out threats like Christmas cards is a far cry from that.

Also if he is so big and bad and always telling people COME FIND ME, why freak out when I go to Tennessee to visit friends? Then turn around and act like 'oh I've done nothing wrong and I don't care..." Then why blast my wall? Why keep writing stories about me? Why take screen shots about what I say trying to incriminate me? Kinda makes a person think doesn't it?

So please keep on with your sad, pitiful, weak, and insecure crying. All your doing is proving my extremely valid points further. You see I don't have to attack you or bash you. Your doing a mighty fine job of hanging yourself.
SheAngel19 SheAngel19 26-30, F 69 Responses Feb 4, 2013

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i get that your angry but saying things like hanging yourself, some people on here may have friends like that or family and yea you may be pissed but that's not something you should say

It's a metaphor. "If you give a person enough rope they will hang themself." It's not literal.

To hang oneself is a metaphor dear. It's not literal.

ok i see i am sorry

Bad tempered wolfie XD

Not temper if I just dont like you.

SheAngel19 then why did you visit this page your really pathetic

Ahem. How exactly am I pathetic ?

Your absolutely right someone claiming to be an alpha should have more respect!

for sure you suffered . .

Congrats on your story being commented on for 4 months.... That's a record.

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Omg! Hun this made my day. It's nice to know people still having functioning brains!

What do you mean by troll? Like trololol or the one that lives under a bridge?or Is it entirly different?

Just read the comments below from kingofthesnowyridge. Thats trolling.



Coming from someone who obviously can't spell....

shut up u talk like a fricken doctor and u know whar I THK U SCK BCASE I CN SPLL



I'm sorry hun but I don't understand the language of stupid.

good so here is another word from that language suck it dumb asss you should get a nice job instead of trolling on the internet stupid

u no wolf u a fricken frankinstine

Dawwww cute little stupid. Do you feel special mommy and daddy let you play on the internet like a big kid?



o and next time u are asked out tell them u are a shemale first plz :(

First I'm deemed highly intelligent and graduated with a 3.7 and can be accepted by almost any college. I have a wonderful job with 3 cars, a 73in tv, and a very nice apartment. All of which I pay for myself. Next I know I'm blazing hot with an awesome body due to great genetics. The type of genetics people pay surgeons to mimic. I have an unshakable confidence and a library to desire. So if your going to try and troll me child I suggest you try much MUCH harder. Also try to spell correctly, your making yourself look incredibly stupid.

bullshi.t as.shole you are so a wana be and umm well i dont care how i look as long as i dont look like u plz:) so now you see i am perfect and i am incedibly cute so see YOU At somE POINT BABE

lol aww you were dropped on your head when you were little. Kingofthesnow, are you chained down in your basement where a kid named Chunk feeds you candy bars?
obviously you're a troll..

wtf u dont have any thing in this blondie or maby died or maby thats not u lupin...... lol

lol it's me in the pic. and yes it's dyed. currently cut shorter too. and my picture doesn't change the fact that you're a ******* retard :)
im going to conclude and say yes you were dropped as a child. i bet i could fondle the deep dent in your thin malformed skull.

More like their mommy was on drugs.

Bullshit you got no job. My job told me that.

Lol your job told you I have no job....actually a majority of ppl on ep can confirm I have a job and everything else.

k ummm ok well then is your job a ***** or is it like being a bitck=h or what..... because all i see are two inmature ******

Quality inspector and excuse me but YOU came HERE trying to troll so yeah the only ***** here is you hun.

Are you seriously going to argue with someone only here to troll? The text itself is troll speak... Just ignore him. Without his food, trolls die. Don't ya, ya adorable little troll you. *pet pet*

I'm sorry but practice what you preach. Besides its mild entertainment for me while I'm at the gym.

I don't argue. I make fun of.
Now THAT is okay. Amusing yourself. Just was making sure you weren't actually letting a troll get under your skin. Especially one so adorably stupid

Free entertainment. Besides when has anyone actually successfully trolled me?


Lol your not stupid yet you misspell angel.

im not stupid but i am unresorsful *** hole plus is miss spelled unresorse full

Least I don't think I'm a teenage werecat.

that is the saddest come back ever my god think of some good stuff if u trying to make fun of me :p

Awww... You are adorable... Can I take you home? Just wanna keep you in my pocket...With your little insults and your angry remarks... Gah. So adorable. I shall call you... Fluffy! aww.... Fluffy... *pet pet*

Oh honey that was not a come back. Your not worthy of it.

yes honey and umm your pic looks like a **** star

hunt you look like a dumb *** WITH THAT PET ANd FLUFfy thing TO TEll u


Awww.... Now with the "insults"... So cute.

lol aww i just want to keep him in a little box and put him on a shelf so he can be mine forever...

Honestly I don't consider that much of an insult. Least I'm sexy ;)

at least you're sexy and have a life too lol


indeed XD


There it is again! GAH! Just wanna snuggle you, Fluffy... Cutest werekitty ever.... *snuggle snuggle* Gah... Gonna take you home and put you on display...

u should then i will eat u while u trie to cuddle me or whatever u want but please even though im me dont get to dirty

Well... I can for a fact, say SheAngel is speaking honestly about her three, very nice cars and her nice apartment. Also, she has a job she works her *** off for instead of like some people who sit around drooling on the key boards for mommy and daddy to clean up... Poor child probably has one too many chromosomes, don't worry, there's doctors for people like you. Just go back to sucking your thumb.

i want to take kitty home and skin his precious little body and wear his flesh so i can forever be enveloped in his cuddles...

aw im sorry :/ didn't mean to set you off Az.
....i could be creepier XD

u alla r noobs and wierd and relly **** off im out *******

ok wtf im not running u guys are total trolls fighting a troll about the artical about trolls THAT IS TROLLING IDIOT


yeah i dont care just plz i hate spelling

lol so you admit to being a troll? called it from the start.
and i still want to slice you open and crawl inside you for warmth. maybe your ribcage will also serve me loving hugs..

ill give u a hug....... wait no i wont creep i am a born troll but angel is the master troll here -_-


Can't troll the troll queen hun ;)

yay! everyone ribcage hugs ^^


LMAO why do you always try to ruin everyone's day? like seriously what's wrong with you? who made you such a hatful little cuntwad? you really go out of your way, through 57 comments to find a place to insert your cheap insults. go get some hugs you sad ****.

I'm sorry sugar but 1 its a corset. Obviously you lack fashion sense not know such. 2 I got sized today at victoria secret. I'm a 36 DD. So yeah I don't have to push anything up. I have nothing vulgar showing and nothing hanging out nor a lewd expression so no idea where you came up with 70's ****. Plus you have a vag (because its quite apparent your a big ****) I don't care if you find me sexy or not. I know I'm stacked and got a banging body thanks to genetics alongside an unshakeable confidence. Also given your supposedly druid or some sad inaccurate garbage shouldn't it be gods and not 'god'. Now scurry on your little way. No one has ever successfully trolled me because I'm the trolling queen. You do NOT want to draw my attention because I have destroyed people for less and if you have heard anything of my reputation you would know its a ruthless fact.

i've seen this sexy beast in a maid's outfit o__0 i can vouch for her.

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Its the internet. You dont have to explain anything to these kids. Let them believe in their fairy tales.

Your the cry baby on herr

I think a spelling book as well, might help some.

a new brain. i know they dont do brain transplants yet but it would do them good. by good i mean they'd die lol

Can we just skip the transplant? Seems too nice. I say lobotomy. Like... Old school lobotomy.

haha so shoot it in the forehead?

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I know this story's pretty old, but recently you called me rude for trying to provoke a negative reaction- which I wasn't. You are the rude one, I mean, I don't even believe in all this stuff that people make up, but it's a quick way for people to make friends and to have fun. Quit being so pissy over something that has nothing to do with you. If you don't like it, ignore it. Ha. You're a troll and you don't even know it.

Actually I am a troll and know it. There is a difference between being rude and being blunt. The fact is I know my **** and been around much longer and in advertently you are trolling as well by digging through my stories to stir ****. Congrats on looking stupid.

Ha, you think I look stupid? You're a ******* troll, and admitting to it! You damn fool.

Wooooow and your the one that keeps arguing with a yeah you do look stupid.

Sweetie, go get a life and maybe some brains, learn to use correct grammar, then come back and see if you can win this argument.

Don't have to. I've already won it. Btw my grammar is exceptional. Try finishing high school kid.

I'm English, you stupid *****. We go to secondary school here. There are plenty of people out there who finished school and are still stupid, like you, so your insult means nothing. Yeah, you have exceptional grammar... Haha, you say 'your', when you intend to say you're, which means 'you are'. There, a 14 year old just taught you a lesson in grammar.

Actually I'm on a shattered cell with auto predict. ...yup you still look stupid.

Making excuses... rofl :')

Not an excuse. I work in a factory. Fell out of my pocket and shattered so yep your an idiot.

Yeah cuz your broken phone makes me stupid... lmfao! :')

Lol no your stupidity makes you stupid.

Sas you are really trollish I mean you so far have spent some much time trying to disprove any source of your stupidity. When you are the one chasing sheangel around like a mad puppy... I mean do you require the attention to keep on living? Also with a cracked cell phone making it extremely difficult to type she angel has a point. I am actually surprised you haven't caught on to the type of person she angel is. Her level of intelligence is much higher then yours and I hate to admit it but also higher then my own. While you spend your time envying her because of your own insecurities you could do so much more with your time. - Tim

I really am not trolling, and I am not chasing her around, rather looking for stories that I can relate to. This stupid woman was rude to myself and a friend of mine out of nowhere and I'm extremely pissed off, so I felt like putting this stupid woman in her place. No 'intelligent' person would call someone A retard as an insult. She is sick and twisted. Mind your own business.

I wish to point out something. I call you a retard because you act like a retard aka a reeree. The politically correct term if the person you think I'm referring to is called metally handicapped. Thus further proving....your a retard.

Well, there is no place she needs to be in I believe this is my business now. As you have insulted someone and please tell me how she is "stupid" I don't see it? Actually yes someone would use that as a insult EVERYONE does are you mentally disabled?

lol im wondering how this little cuntcheese put you in your place Sheangel...>_>

fck in your shhitty damned ugly f@ggotest face fcking motherfacker fcking trash assshole damn pieace of fcking horse shhit you son of btch burn in hell fcking troll cunnt........ i am out i dont have more time to talk gay shhit like you bye!!

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HELL YES! <3 I don't know if I replied already but I meant to and with that, basically. You Go Girl!!!

Looks like someone snapped

Didn't snap. Ran out of patience.


Well someone is grumpy... calm your farm and take a chill pill, you can buy 'chill pills' at any local health clinic. :D

This was almost 2 months ago -_-

Oh well I'm feeling bored today :D

Nice, GREAT bash, couldn't have said it better myself lol

well you're a troll your telling us they are there to **** us off well you're ******* off all the believers including me so if you don't believe then leave the believers alone <br />
OK? thats what i say to Haters and disbelievers

W....t.....f....are you talking about

lol...dats wut he sayz to da haterz....

I thought you were in my circle but your not.

i added you to mine?

Ironwolf, You are a NOOB, With no life who sits in his/her parents basement thinking what will you pose today saying "Hey mommy, Daddy Ima make you real proud and be the biggest and nobbiest Roleplayer ever" GEt a life! Get swiff cover!!!
Flash savior of the universe

Ok sorry I didnt read it, Mainly just read the first line and said "What a noob" But still she is not a troll, and if you think she is you dont know what a troll is
A troll is a mythical creature or, A User who pretends to be someone else, Just to annoy and bully others for fun

Lol honey this is an older story.

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i ******* love you SheAngel19

After coming back to this story, I realize there is a lot of **** heads in this world. All of the people that have made negative comments on this story should be ashamed of themselves.

Yet again you're yelling at morons, but does it make them shut up? god damn you need a vacation. come visit me in Italy lol

I don't quite understand the anger at which people are responding to your story strange...

Since it won't allow me to reply to the comment, rubyaura, you look like a troll

just.... shut the **** up. The fact that you wrote this and wasted 3 minutes of my life makes me want to go on a murderous rampage. So stop what your doing. It's not cute, it's not helping you solve your problem, so just shut up. K thanks bye.

Yeah since they revolted against yours....LOL your such a pathetic looser Az.......


loser* you're*
If your going to talk down to someone at least sound intelligent.
Or don't talk down to people at all, (If Buddha says it's bad it must be really bad haha.)

The fact that it took you 3 whole minutes to read such a short post prooves that you're rather touched in the head. Since it will take you such a significant amount of time to read this comment...thank you for your time

And's "loser" &gt;;)

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I'm sorry honey but all this you just wrote is the entire purpose of a troll. To make you mad and freak out. You lost the troll war with this story. My suggestion if your account is blowing up is to delete it and start over. These kinds of stories attract them like flies. You are the one who lost composure and now you are a big target for more. You are going to have to get thicker skin to stay on the internet, because there are haters and trolls everywhere. Particularly if you are talkative or active.

Lolol your so stupid.

lololol you suck at being a troll.

She is under the impression that im am trolling when the reality of it is her stupidity has left me speechless.

Also whats really funny is the story itself os ******* everyone off in turn. They comment to be total arrogant douche bags but in turn every comment blows up their notifications until they delete their comment lololol.

Most of the people responding don't really care. I certainly don't. But I can't stand attention ****** and thats all I'm seeing. There was some blathering about someone did her wrong and a bunch of, I'm a troll, why am I being trolled, followed by more ignorant blathering. She wants the attention, why is she so upset now that she's getting it? She would have been mincemeat on reddit or 4chan. This is so tame.

Im not sure why she is under the impression that im upset. Whats ironic is she wants to accuse me of being and attention ***** but shes the one instigating. I didnt seek put attention. I simply got it as a side affect. Even if I were an attention ***** you are simply giving me what I want.

I think its amazing how many people I have managed to ruffle so quickly and with something totally irrelevant to them. I should have rolled in religion, gay marriage, and obama. Then I could have had the whole site here lol.

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Yes Sir, yes indeed it is..

Wow, what a dipshit, lol lol

hahahaha dipshit thats awesome

you need to get laid BIG TIME WOW!

i get laid regularly thank you. in fact probably more than you do.

hahaha thats funny

I Don't get you, you rant about what others are doing then did the same thing. You don't have to justify yourself, it is what it is.

i didn't write this to vent, I wrote this to the group telling them they were acting like idiots. if you don't get it then why comment at all?

I was wondering about your choice of phrase you decide to describe people, its not very nice, I guess my comment is encourage you that you can do better than that. Don't you think?

Being nice drastically restricts ones options. Sometimes being nice is not the best path in things

Your so ******* adorable. Keep trying hun. You might actually get somewhere eventually.

What are you referring to by 'probably does"?

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What the **** are you ranting about?

yeah.......peace is uneventful.That is right.