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Hello, i'm Estella. Alpha female of misty shadows pack and we are looking for wolf therians that are willing to join our pack. We are a very open armed pack, but we do have a few rules of course like most packs have! If you do decide you are willing to join please feel free to ask questions or message me at any time. Thank you!  
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How do you find a pack that's close to you? The only reason I ask is cause I want to see for myself if I am not just a late bloomer I need to see in order to confirm what I am

your age states 16-17...and your an alpha? I am guessing purely online pack?

Yes I'm going to turn 18 in march and I've been an alpha for quite a long time! :)

That's interesting, I always wonder how an online pack works...It just doesn't sound like it could correctly function, I guess not that I would know how a pack should or shouldn't function haha...
I am always skeptical when it comes to young alphas, I guess to me it just seems somewhat unrealistic, but I know that when I was young people always stuck me in leadership positions, so I detest leadership, so I find it believeable but remain a skeptic at the same time.

Yeah I totally understand! But my pack is actually doing quite well! :)

that's good, what is it like to have an online pack?

Really great it's like having a online family!! ^.^

haha, that sounds nice.
What exactly do YOU do as the pack Alpha? What is your pack like? What makes your pack special. You should put things like that to get people to join you. Especialy like minded people.

Umm I'm the leader the ones underneth me should respect me, all I ask from every one is respect towards each and every one! As an alpha I'm the center of the pack so I kinda keep things circling and my back is always truthful and open armed to every one! We dislike the drama and try to stay away from it as much as possible because its no way to solve things. We have many ranks and the main thing we ask from the first starters is to tell us about their personality of them and their wolf ( or what ever animal they are ) it help for us to get a rank started and for the rest of the pack to get to know he/she! :)

do you guys have like a webpage for your group? Or some way for all of you to interact, seperately and together all at once?

Yes the groub is called I am a member of the misty shadows pack! :)

Haha I think they meant a separate sight lol

Huh lol?

I suppose that works too, and raz you mean site not sight. site is a location such as a school yard or a web address, sight is what your eyes give you.
I would suggest gettinga more easily controlled site, one where you can better moderate what goes on and who is in. That way you also have more structure and an easier way to find specific topics and follow topics.

Yeah! Lol

Though it is not my place to tell you what you should or should n- well scratch that, my job is the law...haha
anyways I can't think of any other important questions.
I suppose not being a wolf therian I will stop meddling with you for now.
Best of luck, and as a little notice, since you added me to your circle just know if you ever need any help of any kind I will help to the best of my abilities, my role in life is to help and protect everyone and everything I can, I am a well of knowledge so if you have questions of any kind I have a good chance to be able to answer them, (If I haven't lived it I most likely have studied it...I love researching that which I do not know)

Well thank you! Ill keep that in mind! :)

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I'm interested. If you don't mind.

Really tell me about your self!

If you are as u say you are then i say yes.but im a cub


no lol?

I suppose I'm just annoyed with all these online packs.

ohh okay well idk.


well must of us figured it out be meditating or from dreams.

most only m-shift like me. ( its called mental shifting. ) but i few actually can p-shift. ( physically shift into a wolf. )

why do you think it sucks? lol iv'e heard its actually not that bad!

oh yeah ive had pain in my back and neck but still ive never p-shifted.

yeah, where else?


well what does you wolf look like if you dont mind me asking?

iv thought a couple times that i might of shifted. but i usually black out and don't remember a thing afterwards!

a few. Yo should talk to foxendruid she has onc.

urges to what?

its happen.


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