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I see there's a lot of people who believe that mates can't meet online, that to be mates its a necessity to meet physically for some reason. Just wanted to say that that is not true. I remember someone (not gonna call this person out) who said that mates have to meet physically to have a strong bond with each other, and thats not true. Just wanted to explain that mates do not need to meet physically to be mates, and of you wish to meet physically, then astral projecting. though technically it'd be meeting spiritually not physically. One more thing, for those wondering why you'd want to meet your mate online not physically, try finding another werewolf randomly physically at all, let alone one who you'll be compatible with and single and, see the factors, and if you chose to have a human as your mate, try finding on that'll accept your a werewolf not a crazy guy/girl. Anyway I hope that helped.
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Could you help me m shift

Granted I'm not young anymore. I'm 27. But I found my mate online. I guess I believe, not just with wolves, but with everyone that when we are supposed to meet the person we are meant to be with, we are pushed in that direction. It's a gift that is given to us. Now, I do agree that being 13-18, hormones are raging and the people we are attracted to, usually are seen as 'love'. But, when I met my mate, I knew in my soul who he was. Everything clicked into place. Granted we aren't physically together yet, we are planning that out at the moment, but spiritually we are connected like nothing I have experienced. After all, isn't meeting our mate, twin flame, soul mate, whatever one chooses to call it, a spiritual connection as well as a physical connection? No one truly knows what others feel. My advice is, treat this person as your mate. Live and die for them. If they are truly your mate, you know. If not, think of it as practice for when you find them. Good luck.

I saw my mate in a dream before I met her. Like a few weeks or a month or so before I talked to her I saw her in a dream, her pic matched perfectly with who I saw in my dream and it was an instant connection between me and her

so sweet

so sweet

That's awesome! I don't discredit your belief. For those of us who have found our mates, we just know.

I do too. We fell for eachother in two days! I know she's the one, everyone seems to. I've never felt the way I feel about her about anyone

Also I see how fate les me and her together, that's a long story but fate definately led me and her together

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Number one 13-15 it's puppy love not mating which for many reasons implys psychically well matting not just messages shared.
Two it's rare wolves gain mates outside there pack because this causes issues mainly in house an out house fighting (we claim another's female this means we take them not allow them to wander in some else territory) to which both understand.
Three mating requires things so important you couldn't develop it thru screen at all simple because well can't be with screen.

Now don't get me wrong there's casual sex(lot of it) but it's so controlled it's crazy an damned sure parents don't let there pups indulge.

Well how do you know ur mate isn't a 70 year old perv?

She sent me a pic and everything she said has been true and she's in a trustable pack and mates are supposed to have trust with eachother

Not to argue but it could be a fake picture ;0

Well to be honest, it's hard to have that connection over the computer, AND most here seem to "break up" with their "mates" and start calling them "ex-mates". I even saw one that said "ex-ex-mate". More people meet online and get married every day, yes, but when younger people meet online and claim love or mate, it gets harder to believe :/

Right I understand that. For me and my mate our love is true, though there are people like that

Yeah, but you have to admit, it's quite rare to find someone like that online AND at our age

I do admit that. She's only a year older than me, as I said in the story I love my mate with all my heart and she feels the same way. I guess Im one of the lucky few

Yeah. I for one cannot believe any elementary schooler that claims that they have a mate or are in love though. Now that is extremely unlikely that they understand any concept of love. I just can't see it

I agree with you there. Like when 11 year olds say they have a mate I roll my eyes. Age 11 I was more worried about my kill count on Halo Reach than anything. I didn't start to want a mate till around when I turned 13 and I found Essence, and I do understand love cause I'm in it

Yeah...well when I was 11 I was more concerned about staying alive. But I wasn't concerned about love or mates. I met my mate at 12 but I didn't start wondering if he liked me until I was 13 and I didn't start really wanting to be with him and try to do something about it until I was 15.

Everybodies different. Me I started wanted a mate when turned 13 and now that I have her Ill do everything in my power to never let her go

Yup. Most young wolves think that at first, but after a month or so it seems to go away :/ it's sad that to them, the sacred role of "mate" means so little

That's what I'm afraid of. Me and her have been together two weeks and are still in love

Well just remember that every relationship, even that of a mate, takes work. You will have bumps in the road, and I promise you, it won't be easy. So no matter what happens, just keep faith that everything will work out.

I will. I know there will be bumps but I truly love her so I won't let them get to me

Yeah, and since you're the guy (yes I'm being a little stereotypical here), you're gonna have to make sure she knows that too. I mean, I know when my mate and I have our rare arguments, I tend to lose heart, but he always manages to tell me what I need to hear to give me that boost again.

That's what I try to do for her when she's down. I always tell her ill always be there for her no matter what happens cause its true. She won't tell me what's wrong cause she doesn't want to worry me. And for the record over the last two weeks I haven't lost any love for her, if anything I love her more every second if that's possible

Yeah, well you have to make sure to tell her if it worries you more not to know. The most common thing told, but the most truthful thing, is communication is key.

True. Thanks for the tips Celestria

No prob. I'd hate to see such a good relationship ruined because of communication or something really simple that could have been avoided

Thanks for everything, you have no idea how much she means to me

It's no trouble. If you ever need to talk or need help on anything, just pm me

Ill remember that. Thanks again, oh and as far as Wicca goes I'm staying Christian dispite Emmy disagreements with the Bible but still thanks for the info

No prob

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