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Do any of you real werewolf beleive that theres a place where we all can go to be not wired. But be us not live in fear.
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Goldpaw she can say what she wants. You have no control over her. And Nightclaw103 isn't a liar. Is it so wrong he has an idea? At least he tried to help us! He is in my pack and a trusted member. And i know what you all say about him. People on here say that they are tired of being judged yet you judged him over what a few wolves say! Do you let them control you?

Thank u (tears)

i live in Tallahassee. i live a good life here.

Ssh! Don't tell that lair anything! He's lying about the "city" he "made".


No I am not I put that on my own life

now im confused. i dont know who to believe

Me u can ask behappt01,alphazaleah,goldenmoonrise389

I never lie.

oh yeah im friends with them.

Well u r if I was a wolve hunter why am I trying to help u wolves

I'm not his friend. I never called you a wolf hunter. Just that your plan was a trap. But if you want to go with him werewolf1344, be my guest. I'm just warning you its a trap.

It not a trap:( I wish I could prove that to u

By all means, try and prove me wrong.

First why do u think its a trap

Can we please talk

A friend told me it was. Yeah, I went off for a few hours. I'll tell you what: I'll forget the whole "its a trap" thing if you don't mention it. Sound good Nightclaw?

Deal lets make a deal if it is a trap u can kill me and I wont fight back

I would never kill anyone. Unless they hurt my friends or pack or any of my wolf family. I feel like rockin out. XD

Lol I wanted u to show u it is not a u know what

Meh. I'm waiting to leave. But I have plans anyway. I wish you the best of luck.

Ok thought u wouldnt want to go

Yeah, but I'd be caught. Plus that isn't my destiny. For now anyways.

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I dont live in fear. I live in paradise.

This reminds me of what Jesus said on the cross to the thief who repented. Today, you will be with me in paradise. He was neither Baptized nor did he partake in the Lord's supper, all he did was believe.

Um I meant I live way in the mountains and no one pries into my business.


<---very non Christian.

That's fine, it makes good debates.

Since when?

Sense forever, just about every anti catholic debates weather God is real. He'll even scientist have been baffled. Take the shroud of Turin for example.

Religion bashing and bible thumping are not debates. Religion should NEVER be the subject for debate since everyone is naturally biased. Your idea has no solid foundation.

The Shroud of Turin was debunked several years ago. Its fake. Made in the middle ages. Just throwin that out there.

Why you no answer text :(

Do I have one?? MY BAD

My ``idea`` as you put it has very solid foundation. There have been other countless miracles. Who said it was religion bashing? Surely not me, it's a peaceful talk or debate of weather the existence of God is real. Hunter the shroud of Turin is real they keep it in Italy safely guarded. If you have ever read up on it, the shroud of Turin was proved real. Maybe you should just go to a priest just ask him. My mom was Baptist and she was converted because she had long talks with a priest of weather God was real.

The church neither accepts nor do they say it's not real. Scientists have raised more questions then answers to weather it is real. They say it was almost like a supernatural light that went off.

Secondly, they had to patch some areas of the cloth at some point. One time a man tried to burn the shroud of Turin and failed so now there are burn marks on it.

I converted OUT of christianity because of the mass amounts of flakyness and contradictions. Its not about whether god is real or not. Its about the religion itself that really does not have a stable foundation.

That is you're choice. But you will always be one of God's children.

.... that made no sense dude.

I was never and will never be a 'child of god'. I suggest you check yourself and quickly.

I was never forcing anything on anyone. She Angel I suggest you shut the hell up all I've been is nice to you and all of a sudden you start getting defensive.

Remind me not to be nice and ask if they believe in God because of course there gonna be **** heads.

You my friend are full of crap. Not what it means AT ALL. That's like saying you are the child of Michael Jackson and I will force you to believe that. When In reality, I'm trying to be nice here. I could give two s.h.i.t.s if you are any kind of religion I just am trying to have a nice talk.

Before this becomes a long theological argument, or any kind of argument. I would like to say that I'm done talking to both of you so please stop talking. Not in the mood.

That is called being polite. You are one of those people that Google smart replies aren't you? It was never a flame war in my opinion considering she never told me to stop. Secondly I don't think sheangel needs you to talk for her, she handles herself just fine.

I get along with anyone. Doesn't matter what religion you are. I surely wouldn't get offended if someone said Tao embraces all of us, I would just say oh! That's cool! Then I would ask, who is this Tao? So she Angel sorry if it offended you, and I think I don't need to check myself I'm quite alright. :)

It's cool. I understand.

No obviously you do because you have no right. You know nothing of me or my kind. People like you put my ancestors in Indian schools and beat them for speaking the language. The ''it's for your own good' people. I'm not angry yet but the more I read from you the more it rapidly rises. Not annoyance or irritated this time. Actual anger. THIS is why I said religion should never be the source of debates.

I said sorry not turning this into another long argument.

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