Am I the only elder(so to speak) left here ? Where have sheangle and hybridfighter or even europealpha gone ?
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Well, I would consider myself an elder....cuz of my age, the experiences I've had and taught.

I've mentored dozens of young wolves and have helped many awaken.

I've been aware for decades....and when it happened, there was no such thing as the internet.

There were no forums or website for me to try and find what the hell was going on with me.

Back then it was taboo to even talk about ghosts, unlike nowadays where it's apart of our culture now. So imagine trying to explain to someone that you were in wrong skin...that you were Wolf.

So needless to say, I think I've paid more then my share of dues to my kind....like I've said, through teaching, and leading, and for anyone that had to come into their rite during the age of no internet....then they understand how rough it was....not just to find information, or even others that may be like you, but when people found out what you thought you were......

It was total hell....but it's helped shape me and help me to teach others about coming into ourselves.

I consider many wolves elders,but mainly because I myself am a pup. So basically any older than me (18~60) or so are elders.

I've never met a true elder on this site. Anyone worthy of that title has paid their debt to our kind and doesn't waste their time frolicking on websites. No one on here is anywhere near old enough or experienced enough to throw that title around.

Well considering that the majority are all 13 or less then we could be considered elders but hey I'm not like big headed or anything if a actual elder was here then I'd l be just a pup to him or her

this forum has gotten out of control with fakes, people claiming to be many things they are not. i came here looking for answers and just in the 2 months Ive been in this forum it has gotten very bad. people accusing other people of things, trolls posting vulgar stories. this is a reason why a lot of people have considered leaving. there is a few people here who have really helped me along. and Ive tried to help so many other the best i can. we learn knowledge to pass it on to the youth even though the youth are getting worse and don't want to listen to older wolves anyway.

I really agree there. What is the point of trying to pass knowledge if the young ones dont want to listen.

I am but one of those who WILL listen. Just speak.

I didnt say i all of the young ones didnt want to listen i just meant most of them dont. As for that just ask me any question ill try to answer it based on my experiences.

If yoh wish to be hardcore technical there are NONE here including myself that qualify as elders.

They're here. They're just getting really annoyed with the trolls and the utter ignorance of many of the young wolves

Elder would be like... Someone in their 50s.

You are 100% right but in my state we only have 5 of that age lol they can't even move well two of them when my leader pass I would state his clame I'm northwest Louisiana

Elder ??? Who am I to say well people I would like to tell you a little about me my name is ghost I'm from Louisiana I have my own pack in my home state by all means I'm not the elder of my state but I am one of the youngest elders of my state and I also am a alpha I live in somerset,Ky now and I'm tryin to start a new pack

Elder? that's funny.

It seems everytime I log on aswell it's getting worse

Hybrid is a fake. Europe took off when her story fell apart. Im still here but thoroughly fed up with this place.

Least ive finished puberty *****. I was never in charge and I excused myself you roid raging tool.

No because I wouldnt be surprised if the need is dangling out now. Besides you wouldn't know this but REAL athletes can spot a junkie.

Defensive would imply an attack. You don't have the literary capability nor the intelligence to create such an adequate insult.

Like I told you when I first met. I cannot stand a liar. All ive ever seen you do is lie.

I write hastey responses because im a busy person. Put the needle down and go get a job. Otherwise sit there and whine and spread false bravado further you retarded injecting hack. Really im done with you.

Raking leaves for your elderly neighbor amd flipping burgers doesn't count. Looking like your on roids is not a good thing and if you were actually an athlete you would know that. Besides what has any of this to do with the fact your a lying fraud?

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Their still here just silent

Just because they don't comment on every story doesn't mean there gone.