The DEATH and DECAY will haunt you as you slurk and wander.
The BLOOD and BONES will drip and chackle as you walk alone.
The GOD despises you, making you unholy.
The DEMON despises you, making you nothing.
YOU DESPISE yourself, until you realize an important thing.

What Am I?
Werewolf01 Werewolf01
3 Responses Feb 13, 2013

Why don't you guys talk about vampires? It's the only kind i know for sure is real...

Nephilim. Their angel/demon hybrids

I know the answer to this. It's much like my own riddle it would seem..

Vic this sounds like that thing...

Yeah. But different some how

I just made this up if you were wondering lol.

We're thinking of something we got reminded of by this. Ignore our chit chatter.

If is it ok for me to know, what did you get reminded of?

A theory.

And what was it?

Something that deals with NightFang and myself.

I have somewhat of a theory.. Not much though..

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