My Past Life

My wolf name is Tidus... In my past life I was abused by my pack till they finally killed me... My father was the alpha. He was proud when his mate was pregnant with me... Turns out she had a affair with someone. So he hated me for not being his. So he took it out on me. I was killed when I was 9 yrs old. There all dead now tho do I can't find them:/ o well... This life is my 2nd life. That was my 1st life. I'm happy in this life for the most part :)
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Tidus, this was the only way for me to contact you, please message me.

are you kiddin ?thats really interesting and saddddd....can you add me please nice to talk to you

in the time of the pioneer, i was the alpha female wolf. i am a male now. i was shot by hunters. funny i still remember pregnancy and giving birth.


That is so sad :(

but I'm glad you remembered all of that :)

Really ? That is so cool , I wish someone could also look into my past life to see if what was I before this life :)

is that real?

that person would be mwa O.o

How would I do that ?

I just wish I could

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cut myself instead family being a *****

really sad. ive also had a depressing past life. my whole pack was killed in a wildfire. leaving me the sole survivor as a pup. i was found by a native american and i kept him companion and helped him hunt. then the day came where we went in separate ways. he told me to find a mate and start a pack. though i did find a mate. a bear came and killed her and mortally wounded me. i killed the bear. the i bleed to death. died age 5. equivelant to 25 human years.

so you were almost 2. too young....

still i find it strange your wolf having a human name.usually wolf's names have som meaning or translation. whixh has something to do with the wolf

oh ok then. mine is Shiro. meaning white. My wolf is a white wolf withe yellow goldish eyes. As for the breed i am a artic wolf.

The one in my pic is exactly like my wolf. Got another in my photos thas less cartoony

or so i thought... :p a comma isnt the same as dying. Stupid moments to end a meditation

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Question hohw does your friend have the abillity to look into the past?

There is only one God. But I guess I'll leave you to you're beliefs.

Who said I'm human? I could be anything. He doomed the humans because Adam and eve sinned and gave in to the devil. Look up heaven is for real, that might clear up if God is real or not, it's a good book. Humans could of been free from sin been even More intelligent then before. God gave them everything then he had to let them go. That's why he took away peace, but there will be a day where God judges man and women of this race.

Bless those who believe without seeing. Do not bring false gods before me. The devil is very real my friend, so don't bash on my religion or this will not end well. I never bashed on you're God so be careful what you say.

It's cool I usually get along with people. Atheists can be good friends and pagans. (If there not mean) xD

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Aw that's sad

Well at least this life is better right?


*Sniff,sniff* I'm so sorry Tidus. That's so sad. *sniff*

*hugs* But the past is all I know. I can't escape the.memories.

What a joyride

When I read it I started feeling that stab I got from a past life. Sh*t still hurts after hundreds of years :/

If you died you can't just simply resurrect yourself. Not to argue but it does sound silly.

Well cool story anyways.

That sounds really bad, how did u remember?

Don't forget to mention that you could just meditate on it as well

wolves only live till about 15-14 years though.... unless u mean dog years.. u would be about 2 years... or 1 and a half.. or abit younger..

yah for a minute there I was kinda like, 9 years...? lol but I get it so no sweat.

i'm here for you, don't worry :')

I'm here for you anytime. :)

I'm here ^_^

Anytime ^_^

Well I'm here!! :)