Anger Controll

We all have anger issues. Well a lot of us do anyway. We all have different ways of dealing with extreme emotions. Anyone have any suggestions on controlling or dealing with emotions? The more ways we know the more likely to keep our heads cool.
JasmineDaisyCrow JasmineDaisyCrow
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2013

Hmm. I have one. It's an empath trick I learned from my friend. Close yer eyes. Breathe. and picture yerself as a tree. Yer roots go deep into the earth and yer limbs stretch high into the sky, but yer leaves are red with anger. Flow thatanger down through the limbs, down to the trunk. Focusing all the way. Then force the anger down into the ground letting it flow into the ground and rock, seperating, dispersing in the ground, flowing away from you and dispersing.

I just try to keep my cool, calm down and try not to get angry. What moongazer15 said sports usually helps.

Music helps a lot for me. I listen, play, and sing. Allows me to express how I feel easily. Sports works too as long as you aren't too angry you tackle a girl and nearly rip out her arm from its socket.....
Anyway I hope this helped