This week is our schools book fair. I usually love going as i love to read. But to day i noticed a book on vampires and Werewolves. I picked it up and began to flip through it. It was all sh*t. There's was stuff over being turned into wolf es and how weres devour human flesh. I decided to buy it(no apparent reason just to look thoroughly). Anyway i was reading it on the bus and i saw a photo of Werewolves being slaughtered for their"in characteristic deeds". I found myself snarling and growling. It was loud enough my bus driver thought i was sick. Then i turned the page and saw people giving Werewolves wolfsbane. They all died and the humans did nothing go stop it. I wz
would like to know what you guys think of this revolting book.
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Whew, that sounds bad. Are people THAT afraid of what they do not understand?

It seems apparent.

You do realoze you all just blew this waaaaay out of proportion all over a silly book at a highschool book fair.


Getting mad over it is stupid. The book depicts the idea people have on werewolves due to the times of its record. In the middle ages, werewolves WERE known to decide to just forget they were also human and become rabid animals. It caused what was basically war between hunters and vamps, wolves, and witches. It has lead to many tragedies, from the religious delusions of the inquisition to the modern idea on werewolves. But getting pissed and growling like a dumb animal over a book classified as fiction isn't gonna change ANYONE'S mind. It just endorses what they are saying: you can't control the wolf.

Well.... Nevermind :I Lol Im not going to talk about ancient lore with people who believe theyre werewolves lol. No offense or anything, I can understand your thoughts on the book spreading lies.

If you guys want a better website, anyone here heard of Seth on survival? It's a good website with cool info on many species. The creator Seth is always looking for new survivors, stories, and any new information on any species, just thought I would mention it

I love reading also! Ever read Count Of Monte Cristo?

Haven't got to it yet but i hear its good.

It's pretty long but I thought it was cool. The movie is awesome also.


**** the book..

Uh huh.

I try. Lol



Go ahed and try i dare u

Lol. Yep

Ya dusk! **** the book! I hate crap like that.

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Eh, it entertains the humans, so why not?

But it also spreads stuff. Stupidity is of value in some cases.

Yeah, but the less they care to know about us, the better it is really. I mean, if our kind got a lot of publicity, then we'd have a new issue about keeping ourselves under wraps and others trying to get us to shift and such

Yes that's a good point. But i meant some are stupid enough to believe the book. I've overheard some kids talving. I won't go into detail but it didn't sound good.

True. But those who don't want to be found out would be in the groups also. I believe it to be pretty bad when your own kind kills you out of exposure.

Yes. But if we are eventually going to die i suggest taking a few government with us.


Trust me I've tried. Im now hated in that section of town.

Yes But isn't it a risk?

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I think its horrific. People think that werewolves and vampires are either evil beings here to destroy or hot romantic superbeings. Its crap why can't we come out with a book telling it like it really is. What is the title of the book you found? Curiosity

Very true

Jasmine:vampires,Werewolves,and zombies. Though it showed little on zombies.
Lycan: my best friend is a vamp thank you very much. She almost tore it up. Im probably gonna let her.

Im gonna.

I think its barbaric that some were not weres at all. They tried nothing to save the victims.

Ah i see now. Thank you.

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