Let The Shitstorm Begin!

Ok folks explain to me why you think you are a wolf? haha
corvinblack corvinblack
22-25, M
9 Responses Feb 14, 2013

Honestly I don't understand hehehe...

dont be mean to the teenagers


Wow...you really have nothing better to do?


I'm rather curious too. It's hard not to avoid this group when searching for other groups; it's right there in front of me. Curiosity has me by the throat.

Waste of time...

Oh it's B.S. There is so much more to it though, Mr. Black. How about a story!


Ring any bells? :p

Greetings wanderer, welcome to the land of trolls. Here you will find many types of stupid people! Some growl some bark and some pretend to bite you're head off!

I remember you.

I'm sure you do :)