Never Fall In Love With A Vampire

ok so i saw this really cute guy and it turned out he was a vampire.well i talked 2 him and he tryed 2 bite me.crazy right. well after he did he pulled away and he looked suprized tht i was a werewolf he spit all over me trying 2 get "the wet dog" tast out of his mouth but he never left my side and now he won't stop calling me or txting me so my advice if a vampire falls in love with u or u fall in love with a vampire fall in love with a vampire then ur out of luck cause once he/she bites u they can't stay away from u
werewolf4life werewolf4life
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I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!

I'm going to find you and drain you of all your body fluid! MUAHAHAHA. I WILL TURN YOU!

in 2 wat a hybrid i'm already a werewolf so i'd like 2 see u try

what a load of crap...i like how everyone threatens each other on here but they're all safe behind their keyboards...cute

not every 1 ur not

lol im not safe behind my keyboard?

The magical power of hiding behind keyboards is unbeatable! Rawr!

my keyboard is armed with the ultimate protection wards! muahaha!!!!

MWAHAHA! Bow to our keyboards of power!

yeah right

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*GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR You all are really funny. *grrrrr woof woof *poops on lawn. That my friend is the life of online clans!

lol funny

*Reads this story any time I need a good laugh* Haha...

Be careful now, or we'll find you and suck all your blood!

oh yay i'm really scaired oh i'm trembling lol ha like ur ganna touch me my bf will kick ur *****

fight your own battles. just because you think you're a lykos doesnt mean you get to run around being an aggressive brat.

Did she really start threatening to sick her boyfriend on people over a silly joke? 0_o


lol good gods -__-


i like strawberry slushies. ^-^ mind if i join?

Sure. I just have to suck this wolf girl dry first.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm soooooooooooo scaired not lol u really think ur ganna suck me dry according 2 my bf i tast like wet dog



AClockworkCortex if u don't stop thetening me then i will get my bf and my best friend i 2 this

aand stop staking me ur a creeper

Oh no! You better run! Take your boyfriend and friends with you! She's gonna eat you! Flee! Flee! hahahahaha.... *wonders when Clockwork is gonna get those strawberry slushies* I want one! Drink the wolf girl and lets go get slushies! shaking in my boots. she'll set her bf on us and stand back like a coward *****. really making yourself look good.

no i'll also fight with my bo

because you cant fight on your own? >_> you're not going to do ****.

well at leats i don't look like a peace of ****

lol ohhhhhh good one. you're so ******* clever. you're still an immature little **** that can't hold her own like a coward.

i'm not a cowered *growl* and ur the little ***** tht can't spell

what the **** didn't i spell correctly? you just spelled "That" and "coward" wrong. you're ridiculous.

yeah not really i just got off my medications and i'm trying to stop smoking so i'm pissed off at pritty much every thing thay makes me mad and the only reason i spelled that wronge is because my keys are sticking alot're still ridiculous. pretty damn sure it's not due to sticking...but good for you for quitting smoking. nasty habit.

well at least i'm not a little candy *** ***** who always gets what she wants any time of the day so why don't you just stop this before you get hurt

lol how the **** do you know i get everything i want? i work for my gains. and yeah, come hurt me. seriously, come get me. i'll be waiting with no ***** given. really, surprise me. you're a tweeny tot full of empty threats. come **** me up. you're all bark with no bite. really come get me. i dare you.

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((Shakes head))


Welcome to the crap I endure here.

Will you go hug a porcupine already 'cause no onne give a ***** ***** about what you have to say about this

This was 2 years ago fucktard.

Lol....I can see that, but you're goin to get it with any forum or group.

Most the time I don't even read the crap....but if it's short and funny, I'll endure for the moment.

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cool, lol it's funny how people start arguments over the smallest of things.Forgive, Forget, Live on. Sheesh.

i've forgoten wat we were even arguing bout lol

over some weird comment.. that really wasnt that bad... -w-

wat comment lol i've 4gotten everything

same :/

wat freaking comment

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I'm laughing at all the dull threats this lady makes. It's funny!

yay i'm with lycaon on tht who cares

Check the grammar, then reply.

My vampire friend said I smelt vile and doesn't want to bite me (notice I said my friend, not girl friend, I'd prefer my mate anyways)

You tend to smell vile.


dude u can say tht but every 1 knows some thing tht u may not bout tht comment

Hey, I don't smell! FYI I shower 2 times a day!

TMI dude

Sure, whatever.

wat i didn't need tht pic in my head

That comment just reminded me how my mate's mother says he smells like wet dog all the time lol

hey thts offencive

So what? His mother could say the same about me and I'd laugh and say sorry. But she's still his mother and she loves him and he knows it, so that really isn't an issue.

yay but grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr get away idiot

sorry tht was one of the pups i'm baby siting

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wtf is goldenpaw the only 1 on hear 2 talk 2

You are either trolling or insane.

prob hungry and tht time

Sorry, I already did. His name is Edward Cullen. I just make him brush his teeth after he has been hunting, and he wants to kiss me. (Ah a girl can dream)

lol i no he's hot but u can't fall in love with him he he's going out with bella

Bella is just a clever cover story :)

no they r actualy going out in real life

if any 1 talks nasty or mean i will hurt u

Look lady, I don't what I did to make you angry. But I'd like you to know that I didn't mean to make you mad. Okay?

just call me addy not lady


Dafuq did I just read?


wat it's true u mother *******

settle down uppity brat.

don't call me a brat i will hurt u at all costs

lol come get me

hey do u have a pack member named Melissa Curby

nope. im not in a pack. im not a wolf.

oh ok

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Eew...... *shakes fur* Nasty!

*grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* i'll hurt u

Hm? Why?

i dont think your gonna hurt goldpaw seeing she has more tan one clans backing her up

Thanks red.

dont worry about it firelights has your back

no i have mine and my friend who is a hybrid's clan and hers has over 1,000 hybrids in it

ohh scary come and get me

*grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* my friend is hear and she has a way better sence of smell than me so if u try 2 hurt me or my clan ur ganna be in a full body cast 4 the rest of ur life >:(

hey, dudes, what actually happened here, seriously, you are fighting for no reason I can see

*growls* he made no threat to you! You just misunderstood what I said! Leave. Him. Alone. *snarls*

I could destroy all of your lives very easily, I still want to know why you are fighting

everyone calm the hell down lycaon a little late for the fight nebling dont get in this, werewolf4life what did gold paw do to get you pissed

he may not have made a threat 2 him but he is my friend

werewolf 4 life why are u pissed

wtf no it wasnt i just let you know what happened not even 5 mins ago stfu

why are you all so angry, none of you are scary

im not i want to know why werewolfs pissed at gold paw me and lycaon are backing each of them up

I'm just here to help goldpaw, and find out what started this, would someone explain?

Sure Nebling. So I posted my.comment then Abby pops off on me for no reason.

well golden paw called my bf gross and growled at me and Lycaon1900 so i'm really pissed off and trying not 2 go find him and rip his head off

then who are all these other people?

listen ragingredwolf me and Lycaon1900 r a team and friends so y dont u just shut the f*** up

in goldpaws defence, what you wrote in your story looks like you didnt like it and he insulted your taste, 'wet dog' you said, I believe no offence was intended, and goldpaw is under my protection, you will regret hurting her

im with gold paw

go ahead try it

don't care ragingredwolf cause i will never ever do any thing cause hehehe i'm not addy @ all i'm her friend missa hehehe she let me on and if she trys 2 do any thing then i'll keep her back ok ok bye

You might be lying, and people, you are still fighting for no reason, just a misunderstanding, let it go, its simple, or you can just be simple minded with violence your only goal in life?

Nebling is right. Abby, what can you do to me or red? Nothing but throw around words. I suggest you quit. Since I don't want to linger here and bicker pointlessly, I'm leaving. Bye.

well done, atleast some people understand

@Nebling, Yay! Do I get a prize? XD Just kidding.

@Nebling, Yay! Do I get a prize? XD Just kidding.

dude i've droped it so don't bring it up *snarl and growl*

and my names aDDy not aBBy

O.K., thankyou, sorry, bye

wtf name is addy

why did you have to say that, Im dissapointed my friend, goodnight



proves my point what kind of name is that

it's my name and i'll thank u kindly 2 stop making fun of it

mine isn't i just changed it cause i liked the name

did she have a name before she was addy

ok good thts how me and 3 of my exes r

yep and only 1 of them i still love cause he's not a jerk like the rest of them

u still there dude

oh man he won't message me booooooooooooooo i think he's mad @ me or some thing

hey dude message me plz i'm so freaking bord

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-_-" Vampires for the most part don't hate wolves. The worst my mate's mother has ever said to him was that he smelt like wet dog. A bite doesn't bond either.

Well yeah but that doesn't create a bond so strong that he can't leave her alone. Plus she's judging an entire species on the actions of one impulsive teenager.

Yes, that could be it too

Yeah. A vampire's bloodlust can always get the best of them.

Lol yeah. According to some that kind of blood is the best. As weird as it sounds :/

r u 2 a vamp or wolf?

if ur implying tht hybrids like blood and can't stand being near blood without drinking it ur dead wronge

I technically have both bloods but my wolf side has pretty much taken over so Im wolf

kool so ur like a hybrid

Technically but not really

if u 2 wanna talk add me


@Lycaon I wouldn't waste my time eating humans. I bet they taste vile. *sticks out tounge* Yuck!

GOLENPAW IF U DOM'T STOP I'L MESS I UP WITH MY CLAWS SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lycaon1900 thts gross

hey any 1 there

heyyyyyyyyy if i have 2 get in2 a clan fight with goldenpaw then will u back me up

thanks dude

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this is a true story so don't ignore

wat do u think i am a monster

well if i'm a monster u r 2 cause i'm a wolf just like u

oh shut up

-.- Really?

How rude... -_-

no girl their talkin bout me and if the don't stop then i will find and hurt them

Excuse me werewolf4life!! I was talking about lycaon and his actions! NOT yours!

nothing man goldpaw was just commenting on your post and werewolf4life got in the way


if u try any thing at all on this site 2 me then i'll have u put in jail before u can even speak or ask 4 4givness

wtfu are you talking about you cant do **** to me and why are you pissed

cause u and goldenpaw r ganging up on me

i'm not a puppy i'm 22 so i'm 154 in dog years so who u calling a puppy

If you're 22 then why is your age range 13-15?

*waves* Hi Az!!! :D

How've ya been?
Sorry, I have to go. Goodnight!

if u don't care bout any thing then y r u picking a fight with me 2 *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

You do know that after 3 years into a canines life they age 3yrs to our 1yr. Not like in their first 3yrs where they age 7yrs.

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