My Other Past Life

So I found out some more about me. A long *** time ago I wasn't a werewolf. But i Wasn't human.
I used to be pure wolf. Very smart, strong, fast, and a alpha. And man how I loved "sleeping" with this wolf with red fur lol. XD I protected my pack with my life and I loved a good challenge. I never lost a single fight and I never even thought about losing. Losing was not a option. Death would come before I gave up. I was hard headed too lol. I proved I'd do watever it took to win. Eventually i proved myself (not knowing it) worthy of becoming part human aka a werewolf. Ik very few of u will believe this cuz u think it's impossible. But I don't lie about things like this. Haters plz stay off this page I'm sick of the drama
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Surprisingly I believe you.

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If your a wolf than how do you type? I have taught my dog to type took me 6 and a half years but its super cool


How'd you manage to teach your dog to type???

A lot of research late nights and hard work!!!


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I Have Taught My Dog A Cool Trick

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Cool maybe u can hunt with me some time


Where shall we meet?


Its fine I understand

So do u play minecraft?

I luv it!

Wat do u like the best?

Zombies, wolves, skeletons?

Me too but skeletons are funny when drooning

Hun remove your personal data from public veiw...Next time do it in a PM...okies? Thanks :o)

Just did

wats so funny?

oh ok wanna hear a joke?

Wat happened to the peanut that walked down the dark alley alone?

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okay is it true that wolves can only send pic. of lil images?

meaning as when they are a wolf?

wat do u call a message printed on a lion w/ chicken pox?

sign on the dotted lion OH

that is not the answer im looking for so please stop saying jokes on here thank you! :)

Ur no dun

I meant fun

its just theres way to many comments already on this thing its making it hard for me to find the ones i need :( other wise i wouldnt mine :)

Oh ok sorry

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is it true that u can only be a werewolf for only a certain time and then u change into a wolf and u never get to be human again?

Sorry for butting in, but where did you hear that?

Loren. I've never heard it before that's why, even in movies (even though they're all fake)

my uncle eats people lol jk he is a very old wolf

Well I think it could be a mental shift that if you stay in for too long, could become dominant

Yeah, though I'm not sure.

I see...well I personally don't want to shift any time soon, so I haven't stayed in that loop

I think I may wait till later. Just so I know I'll be with my mate and he can stop me if I get out of hand.

That's the sad part about wolves nowadays, there aren't many around so we're isolated and thus cannot find good packs anymore. And the way you're supposed to find mates has changed too much to the point where that sacred bond is nothing more than a relationship.

Yeah....I mean there's nothing wrong with an online relationship, but at least go out with them for a few months before calling them a mate or anything like that.

Exactly! Finally someone that understands me! (other than my mate lol) I mean, have you read some of the stories there? "I'm 10 and I want a mate that will love me forever" I mean seriously? Back then I wanted the newest YuGiOh cards and to go out to an arcade. I wasn't concerned about a mate, let alone even knew what love was'd be a whole lot easier. But it helps a lot if you're together or at least talk to each other face to face. And I don't get the whole 1. A female being able to "Imprint" and 2. The "imprint" being able to form from distances. An "imprint" is something that happens when the male first lays eyes on the female and it's literally love at first sight :/

And Beastly, so help me if you comment on this trying to convince me otherwise, I'll flip out

Yes! I mean what natural need is there for a female wolf (like us or normal wolf) to love? We females go into heat, our wolf side goes into heat, it doesn't love. That's why all male wolves (and if it's strong enough, humans) can pick up the scent. It is our human side that allows us to love.

They can, but there is no natural need. The function of mating is to reproduce and to repopulate for the wolves that have passed.

Yes. But loving is also why most wolves mate for life. Sooo I guess it goes either way

Yes, that is very true

Lol good. Just dealing with flashbacks and such. And you?

u 2 r blowing up my page lol hey u guys should read MY story 2! :)

Mkay, I'll get to it Loren :D

And sorry for the blowing up of notifications XD

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I've had better and worse.

Beastlyman our past lives sound very similar...

I can't you blocked your account :/

Thanks so much for the good laugh here. It made me laugh very much thank you.:)

WOW wish I could remember what or who I was in my past life would certainly help me with this life hehehe :-). So from knowing this about yourself, did it help you in anyway in your life or undertanding yourself better? So who has been watching over you if you don't mind me asking?!!

This sounds awesome, I've been thinking about looking at my past lives, but not to sure. :)

Nope. I'm gonna bring my hate right here.
This is ridiculous.

I agree with you

not literally dumb as s es u r wow

I just have a therian soul where i feel like i want to be an animal where my spirit wishies to be one and one day i may come back and be recarnated and be an wolf but i wont knw cause i wont remember this life. I just love wolves and my soul loves them too :)

Did you type those with your elbows?

no but spirits can have an animal feeling to them just like say suddenly u feel the urge and knw that u love to sing its because ur soul wants u to sing it loves u to sing so dont be a bit ch about cause obviously u dont knw ur soul and it doesnt appreciate u :)

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ok then ill believe you if you tell me how wolves accept pack members once they come back after they say, leave to go hunting?

fair enough, in what format did you experience the memories of your past life. (I.E. visions, dreams, feelings.)

Awesome!! :)

I believe u and nothing is impossible


I know nothing of my past lives

And how do I do that exactly?

yeap meditation, though sometimes I'll see things randomly the one thing that was vivid to was a fire, I'm not sure what I just remember running and the heat of the flames around me, thats something that really stands out, I know nothing else of my past life..

Beastlyman your past life sounds a lot like mine...

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