The Daily Werecast

This is NoOne here with the daily were cast! Apparently there have been rumours going around that werewolves are flaming potheads! Also on a side note the wolf creed was given high praise by all the smart people that didn't lose there brain cells! We go to my imaginary news reporter, that will tell you all about beastly`s story, which apparently no one gave any f.u.c.k.s about! My news reporter tells me that beastly hates education! Doesn't surprise me considering he's horrible at spelling! (Imaginary applause from crowd) *Breaking news* apparently the trolls have ceased fire on this page. Peace talks are continuing with them, but they seem to be in a state of rage considering all that mountain dew they drank! Well that's it for the were cast, have a good day folks! Hit the crap out of that rate button for me, But in reality I don't care.
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10 Responses Feb 20, 2013

Lol lol lol werewolves are flaming potheads ??? Wow that must've came from the worst troll in the world lol I litriey cannot stop laughing on a serious note I totally disagree werewolves defiently are not potheads I'm.not never touched it never will so.sorry but that persons theory is sooooook wrong

So *

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments!

Great lol

Hahaha love this!!

This is supper great. :D

Hahaha awesome and hilarious

Well played sir, very good job this was great! Not gonna say my opinion on weed as to not start trouble, but good Job on the news report

Omg you are amazing xp

Thank you, thank you. *bows*

*giggles and claps* pure sarcastic genius

Omg I'm dying XD

Also, I would like to give thanks to SheAngel for the idea. :D