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okay seriously people I am here to inform you that there is no such thing as a werewolf, therian, lycan, or any other "mythical creature".
most of the people on here are loners, outcasts, or outsiders looking to fit in with people by saying that they are something that they aren't. So please STOP claiming to be werewolves, lycans, therians ETC. because if you go around claiming to be such a creature people will think you are crazy and send you to a mental hospital. I know I will get a lot of hate comments so..let the commenting begin
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i believe people think we dnt exist only bcuz there affraid to accept the truth of there being somethan else in the world besides humans..just bcuz u dnt believe in something doesnt make it any less real..and HUNTERxHUNTER if u dnt belive in wolves, vamps, and/or other "mythical" creatures then why the hell do u care about what everyone else says they are,aren't??

im just stating facts my friend, I am not afraid of anything especially if it doesnt exist

WHoa Whoa whoa, are you guys really kidding, I mean serious...what the blank is a fae wolf? and transform? WHATTTT.............PILLS ARE GOOD

Oh and how do you know they don't exist?

Hmmm i am open minded about this as psychics witches even vampires ti a certain extent exist we are what we are if you are a werewolf who cares and if you're somethingelse who cares at the end of the day you know who you are so this post is pointless

So what if they think we belong in a mental hospital? Lol with how most of us act normally, people would think we're just doing what we do.

People fear what they do not know.

why would I need to fear something that doesn't exist outside of fiction books?

I know I cannot change your mind. But you have to be open minded to this. You cannot say you do not believe until you have experienced first.

you cant experience something that isn't real, it isn't possible for a human being to "transform" into a wolf or any other type of creature. The human body simply couldn't handle the stress of bone changing size shape and position.

It isn't physical shifting, that's where you are wrong. We mental shift into the state of our wolves. Physical shifting is nearly impossible but it is possible.

so you visualize yourself as a wolf? that sounds just like day dreaming or fantasizing

It isn't. Your human self is taken over by your wolf self. And thus making us have certain traits of a wolf. I seriously hope that you understand we are not fake. I'm showing you a world that you should not meddle with.

so you have multiple personality disorder, is that what I am hearing? and I shouldn't meddle with a "world" that doesn't exist

No. Our human bodies are just a mimicry of you guys. Or at least that's what I think. It's a very dangerous world over here. Demons mostly...I'd tell you more but I shouldn't

what ever you all are a bunch of role players

Very well my non believing friend. Shall our paths cross again I hope it happens on good terms. I tried to show you my side but you won't listen. Goodbye

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Haters gonna hate

and this 2...

you mad?


wow just wow, if you intend to continue to insult me at least learn how to spell on a at least 3rd grade level then come back and try again.

its called texting, dumbo. look it up

hey i wonder y u hav no friends...oh! I THINK I KNOW! IT'S B CUZ UR A JERK.

or its because I don't want any stupid idiots like you

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Ummm....really cus Im pretty sure I saw a werewolf yesterday. I was in my garden and the plants were moving and I saw 2 glowing eyes. It had to be a werewolf, no other explanation..... you wouldnt understand.

or it could be the monster called bullshit

or it cud b u

i dont have time 2 talk 2 losers like YOU.

You need to go on. Everything was fine here and you had to try and stir **** up for attention. Go on little girl. You make yourself look foolish.

White flower?

wait sheangel who are you talking to? me or whiteflower?

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oh and you cant have any color of fur it has to be the color of your natuaral hair color and you cant make people stop talking about it

<p>i dont really care i share my wolfblood or what you want to call it like beast blood but dont diss those with the blood of a wolf like me and dont say im not one cause i havent shifted yet but you only act like a wolf during a full moon those who havent shifted yet that just means your nearly about to shift but i keep away from certain people to not pick up a smell but cause im one and im just about to shift soon means that you cant have fully control on a full moon you can at your will though</p>

Okay humour me this then do you believe that everything is made of atoms ? If yes then you only believe that because science has proved their existence but you carnt see them can you ? Just because you carnt see us and haven't had science prove we are real yet ! Doesn't mean we aren't real

okay then prove to me that there ARE werewolves, and if you would actually read the comments before you commented then you would realize that this story was merely a test of peoples character but mostly for ***** and giggles

ur full of $hit

how do you know my intentions? I decided to post a story like this just to see what reactions I would get. the reason I cannot see a werewolf is because they simply don't exist

I don't have to just type werewolf sightings or something along those lines and I'm sure more than one result will come up. Fair enough but the story has caused a large reaction hasn't it has all the responses been what you expected ? I doubt you expected some of us to be reasonable and I don't know not crazy

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How about this, Who cares what other people think and believe in? What may seem real to others may not seem real to you our many other people. I'm not trying to cause "hate" our be aggressive towards you but who cares? If this is what people believe in and what they truly like then leave them alone, I'm sure everyone here has had to deal with problems, so why add more? Be the solution not the problem, that's all I'm going to say.

I have told this to about 5 people already. Why do you care? Your obviously new to EP, so go do something better then try and judge people on this page.

Are you also going to say that we are delusional and we smoke pot for a living?

*you're if you're going to attempt to insult me then at least use proper grammar. Also when did I ever proclaim that you are delusional or that you smoke pot for a living?

Its ok hun I got this one.

Oooh a grammar Nazi surprise surprise! Is that all you can do? I'm asking pretty simple questions here that you dodged. I never said that YOU said we smoked pot, I was asking if you were going to start making up bullshit like you are right now.

you implied it, and to answer your question yes I do believe that you are delusional

Takes you 2 days to respond to a comment, total logic.

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This will be fun.....

I will be 28 in April. I work fulltime. I support myself. I have a very active social life. A very healthy love life. Plenty of genuine friends. I build cars and cagefight as a hobby. Even coached. If you read any of my stories its blatantly clear I don't give a rats *** what people think or about fitting in. I am a fae wolf and a pagan. So please explain why I would live in a fantasy.

notice that I said MOST of the people on here, I did not say all of the people fit that description. if you are truly what you say you are then prove it

Only way is in person. I don't do that video **** im not stupid.

well where ya from? I live in the mid west of the US

West nc

ah well that wont work now will it?

*shrug depends on dedication really. Ill prove it to anyone. They simply have to show me some initiative.

if you say so

My point was I have no reason to lie about it. Nor to exagerate or anything of the sort. I didnt choose this and quite a few people here know I almost resent it.

typical response, people saying that they have no reason to lie are obviously not telling the truth or they have lied to themselves so much that they are actually beginning to believe the lie that they live

Lol then tell me why i would? Obviously its enough to be willing to prove it.

that's what they all say

When I asked why I would lie I was seriously asking. It was not rhetoric

sure you were, everyone says that they have no reason to lie.

And your making excuses. Please answer the question.

*you're. the most probable reason for you to lie is because you have told numerous people that you are a "fae wolf" and you wouldn't want to ruin that intricate lie by revealing to me that you are lying.

That is irrelevant to the point. Your basing your argument on the assumption its a lie rather than proving it to be a lie.

okay then prove that it isn't a lie

Lol i just did.

So your here an in one day your out to disprove people with your word saying others are lying but your not, anyone else notice the lack of point by claiming a lie of others by one's word alone?
So you joined came straight here an this was what you started, this has got be the oddest manor of a new person ever.

Play nice.

and Lycaon1900 im the dipshit really? at least im not claiming to be a fake creature

lol and truth be told I am only here to troll you as a test and a bit of personal enjoyment, the only one here that stayed reasonable was SheAngel139 the others got so bent out of shape by just a story

honestly I wouldn't be for or against them

Lycaon1900 again read my previous comment about me saying that this was merely a test and just for the hell of it

I only humored it because you acted polite by comparison. I usually don't respond when people act like idiots.

sure you did ;)

Besides you did me a favor.

I did you a favor how so?

You commented on hybridfakers story. Thats gonna bw epic funny.


oh haha like I said this wolrd could use a little controversy sometimes

Nah hes a total arrogant tool that constantlt fights. We hate each other.

from what I have read about him your view of him seems to be very true

yes and if hes like SheAngel says then this should be fun!

I made a comment abot steroids amd he thought it a compliment. He writes stories about me and harrassed me on my profile and then accused me of stalking. (Sorry for lag thought post went through..)

Ugh typo demons attacked o.O and yes I will deliberately make passive aggressive comments to **** a person off so they make an *** of themselves. He took the bait every time. 

Ugh typo demons attacked o.O and yes I will deliberately make passive aggressive comments to **** a person off so they make an *** of themselves. He took the bait every time. 

Sheangel, this is why your awesome. Also a sidenote any wolf would gladly prove it but we won't travel to you. Second. Therians would only be able to give you proof on the astral plane, which would require you to go there as well.

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