Well i have noticed she is one of the only people who tells it like it is and does not put up with anyone's BS I mean I understand some people don't like her but she only tells the truth and I guess people can't handle that? Well I think she is awesome - Tim
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aww this is sweet :) and yeah, people dont like it when she disagrees. it's amusing. i still say she needs a vacation.

Yup. They hate hearing what they don't wanna hear, and thus they blow everything out of proportion and make themselves look like idiots. She deserves respect for being knowledgeable and telling people what they should already know without sugarcoating anything. I respect her greatly.

exactly, she says it as it is, ye either like her or hate her, i respect and like her, she knows how it is and aint afraid to say it.

Awww I have fans :)

Very true

Agreed. I dont know her at all, but i have so much respect