The Types

The kinds of werewolves
Beta- a werewolf
Omega - a lone wolf without a alpha or pack
Alpha- the strongest werewolf
Alphateen Alphateen
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Rank system not anything more so please don't miss lead people

Actually, in a wolf pack, the alphas are usually the ones who are allowed to breed. As most packs start out as families, the mum and dad are usually the alphas. So its not really about the strongest, but whose responsible, as most werewolf packs go by bloodline, if your father or mother was alpha and they died or was exiled, then you would be next in line, a bit like a throne. Please know your facts

Actually I do know, the alpha and the alpha female is usually the farther and the mother. The pack is family, they are the only pair allowed to breed unless they start their own pack. The older siblings are beta's or babysitter. They sometimes adopt what they call a lone wolf into a pack.
But I'm not talking about actual wolves. I'm talking about wolf kin. They can inherit a pack when the alpha female and male dies, and they are the oldest or only child. Like I said some do not always use pack terms.

Wolf kin follow by the natural, wild wolves we live by heart and soul. Do not suspect otherwise, for then you are contradicting your own terms.

Wolf kin, means a term similar to werewolves. I'm not contracting myself, get your facts right, not all follow the way of the wild, and if their is a special name for those who do, I was unaware. Wolf kin means anyone, not just one group.

Good point to add in, I didn't really explain that.

oh no sorry i wasnt saying that to you! i was just commenting on the post saying to the person who wrote this post to know their facts, as they obviously are being misinformed by tv series. Sorry if that seemed like i was attacking YOU, as i was speaking about Alphateen

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The Alpha is not necessarily the strongest, they are the leader of the pack, yes, and mostly likely the strongest, but being strong is only one of the main elements, they would also have to put the pack before themselves and anything else, they would have to have knowledge and experience, easy under pressure and very calm and thoughtful. <br />
We need a leader, just like people do, to have order and respect, to have a sense of power, like a President or Government. <br />
Maybe the strongest Wolf in the pack wouldn't have those qualities, and some even inherit their pack without taking strength into consideration.<br />
Not everyone labels their pack, or puts them into ranks, putting things into boxes is not always a positive and your rank does not decided your intelligence, kindness or loyalty. <br />
It can start some unwanted fights for dominance and cause arrogance.<br />
It's a rank, to make the pack feel safe and guarded, no matter how low the rank is, they still hold importance. It is not a type, no one is more superior then the other.


Stop getting info from teen wolf

There are many different types of werewolfs and even though as an alpha or an omega you get different powers its a title not a type

powers? can i just add, if you think Therians and Lycans have 'powers' then you are ridiculously wrong. They both have enhanced senses and strength/speed, there are no 'powers'.

Agree with HuntTheHunted30. But some therians wear glasses etc. so remember that. They have a high perception of what is happening around them and instincts too. just think that