I don't understand how u are born a werewolf I mean its just so weird
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For the varulv, it is a culmination of both genetics and a ritualistic rite of passage if you wish to become a werewolf. Either that, or you drink rainwater out of a werewolf's footprint, which is a very dangerous way of assimilating, so don't do it. The ritual give the man/woman control over the beast inside of themselves, making transformations much less harmful to those around you. Drinking cursed water will cause a turmoiled wolf's spirit to latch onto your own, who will destroy anyone it want if it is let free. So yes, it is extremely weird.

Asking around, I found out that drinking a werewolf's mixed human form and wolf form bloods out of their mouth will lead to a safe transformation. Yes, a blood-/spit-swapping "french kiss", which in a way is weirder than the other process, but it is safe. I have only confirmed this for varulv and aswang breeds, but it might work with other breeds.

Ever heard of genes?
Great going.