I want to have a good conversation with some of those who preach about what a true werewolf is and why you all whine about only being able to be born one.

I want to discuss the topic with no arguments, just stating good points and of course- facts. Not just "Because I know". If interested, go ahead and message me.
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I would be happy to talk to you, but I am neither werewolf or otherkin. I do however, have experience in both sired wolves and pure-borns, they are both just as "real" as the air we all breathe.

You won't get any decent argument on this site or any other otherkin sponsored site.

The reason why they go on about this, is because some of them still want to show off that they are the real entitled ones to have the so called werewolf curse.

All one ever sees on otherkin websites is that everyone wants to bite each others' heads off all the time about who is real or who is not.

Don't you get it? This is just a game to them, to see who will get the most followers...or a similar dream they wish to accomplish.

I heed your words. I know no one would do it, looks like this just proved my point.

honestly this site is devoid of any spiritual sustenance. Just a bunch of trolls messing with each other. NOthing serious here.

whats the good points you know????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I believe my story said to message me if you want to have a conversation. That is the point.

sorry must of rearead it wrong

It's fine.