Hi! Just let you know that there's this guy who claims he's a werewolf hunter and he is seriously looking for a punch. Can't remember his name but I'll look it up. He is now a threat to werewolves. But to you's who doesn't think he's a threat..then that's good. I know I said I wanted to be a werewolf but now I've realised that's impossible, but I do believe in werewolves. But this message is just a little heads up :)
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pls u 2 don't fight over things u can do nothin about c'mon. Accept u r diffrent and move on

Need the name ASAP I'll run his name and get a check

Thank you, if you gain information just tell me

he's no hunter . don't worry

Thank you

yeah...fvck you too. stop playing these fvcking games. its one thing when you come a at me with your little jokes and taunts but stop harassing other people . your starting to disgust me and honestly im not in the mood for your crap.

first of all let me say this ...Im not Bi-polar and I take no medicine of any sort . also I know your trying to p!ss me off like you did last time about a week ago but that's not going down, im not giving you the satisfaction. also I only apologized because im not some heatless evil bastard (anymore) so I tried to reach out to you even after you spat in my face you low life. and lastly id like to say if your gonna say something to me to try and hurt my feelings or whatever do it on pm cause im not arguing on this post cause i wouldn't want people arguing forever , going back and forth with name calling on any of my post so lets have some respect for the girl who made this story and take this else where .

really . wow. first of all my hobbies consist of hunting, fighting, free running, and moon/star/cloud gazing so your wrong . secondly i said to pm me if your gonna keep this up.

no , you should be though

Tell me...why join a group or even read the stories when all you are going to do is bring people down?... just leave... ep was made for encouragement not to hurt people... so stop... if you don't want to believe that's your choice but just because that's your choice doesn't mean everyone has to have the same choice... let people choose with out harassment...

And you are a young adult, why are you going around criticizing people? It's wrong ... it's hurtful... and just not rite... if you really have nothing else to do other than dash peoples dreams then you need to find someone to hang with or a job... or something... the world is full of hatred and sin... can we all just get along on one site here so the insecure can have some stability... it would mean the world to a lot of people, just one place where you can believe without being harassed and ridiculed by the outside world...

I Agee alphajake

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Just edit it and put my user lmao. These wolfs can message me for a mental beatdown with words if they want, sheesh. You got so upset you made a post on me.

Why do u hate me? Did I hurt ur fantasy, sighs.. do me a piece of crap? The only thing pathetic is you, remember how you tried to be a wolf lmao, you got ripped by the other people then you decided to be a "spirtual hunter", now thats pathetic. Moreover, your the crap that pretends to be a animal cuz realitys too harsh for you. Now, let me ask you this. You claimed " I protect the werewolves" why defend people who shattered your imagination and ur belief. I think you should reconsider your enemy. Im not even a hunter. That post was a joke lol... u took it seriously? Really?

Dont put me in the same boat as you lmao. So you admit your crazy right?

I wasnt seeking attention, I made a post which happend to get popular. Honestly, I was bored.