How does a werewolf find a werewolf pack to join?
Rebeccaunderson Rebeccaunderson
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I can help if it's UK packs.

Stand outside and howl until someone finds you?

Then a werewolf hunter can find u and (s)he will kill you.

Don't look online its a bunch of roleplaying children that want to feel special. There are a few wolves that keep track of other packs so if they run across someone new then they can point them in the right direction

Ok thank you :)

Whereabout are you? Nothing specific like a general area I might know an alpha near you

It's not for me, my neice is a werewolf but she lives in The Netherlands, Haarlem

well can you possibly help me ? I live in Indiana i'll tell you more about my location in pM if you will help me of course

Nearest alpha to you lunar is in southern Ohio he is right above my territory

well that's good . I just came from there and I moved from there 2 years ago,but I still go cause most my family live there

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Look online or search on foot