How long does the pre shift signs last for?
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I don't have preshifts.
I just know when it happens because I feel it.

From what I've heard this is before you start shifting its feelings like tingling throughout the body, hot/cold flashes, I've experienced a warm like glow its hard to explain right after a daydream it snapped me out of it.... That's all I've dealt with so

That's not a preshift, though. That is the actual shift beginning.
The shift always starts on the inside, then makes its way out.
It starts in the blood and organs, which is why you get those hot tingling feelings throughout the body.
What you are feeling IS the shift. Not anything separate from that.


There is no pre shift... we control it... no signs... if there were we wouldn't have a choice...

The best that I can explain its like a side affect, near the end of puberty you experience stuff like tingling, hot flashes etc. your body getting ready for your first shift

All I can say is I don't remember mine... I lost the memories of my childhood...

Some may not even notice it

I know what to expect and what happens just can't remember my own...

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