It's been a long time. I haven't felt this good since I had my first child. Getting back into shape is difficult no matter if you're a human, or wolf. Weeks ago, i didn't care. Stopped dieting and tracking it, stopped exercising. I didn't gain weight but i didn't loose it either. Few weeks ago, i had a sudden burst of energy. The moon was over head my house, and it was like it was calling me; pulling me to run and break free. The wolf wanted out. I walked with a friend; another wolf. Closer we got in full view of the moon, we ran. It felt amazing. The wolf was almost free. There was still almost a week left until the moon waned full. I ran Wednesday, and I ran again Thursday. I wanted to pace myself, but go a mile without stopping and resting. I was finally able to do that. As much as my human body pleaded for me to stop and rest, the wolf kept egging me on. "A mile isn't that long." "Just a little more!" "Keep going, we're almost there!" For the first time in my life, I went a mile without stopping. As much as my body wanted to fall and lay there in the grass and not get up, the wolf kept me calm. I paced myself. Stretched after my jog, released the tension, and the wolf thanked me for it. I've been able to last longer than I ever have. Been able to easily bike to school, cool down, keep my breath steady when i get there, and start my class. I've even noticed a change while in bed with my mate. He may be tired and panting, but I'm still able to go a few more hours, keeping my breath steady the entire time. I have more energy after getting home from school to play with my pups, cleaning the house, and then to cook dinner. Every thing has been changing drastically; my teacher and class mates have noticed I'm full of energy at 8:30-9 am while their all still trying to wake up. There hasn't been a moon out since Tuesday; but I can feel it. I can feel it pulling me outside. I wanted to run earlier, but I stayed in check. Kept my wolf calm and walked instead. Ran across the roads I had to cross, but other than that, I walked. Tomorrow I will be returning to my jogging and workouts. I just have to keep my wolf from breaking free until the time comes for it. Until then, I must wait...
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A mile is insanely easy. Even walking it only takes 20 min

I can walk a mile in 15 minutes. But granted, I haven't worked out in years, it's a huge accomplishment.