Who is willing to find a way to prove what they are? Who is willing to show someone else and find trust in human nature? Cause if all you do is talk about how you're a werewolf and can transform isn't that just as suspicious as you giving me a form of proof or evidence?
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Giving evidence isn't something people on here are particularly up to. I myself have shifted in from of people as first hand proof, but all except one of those people were wolves themselves. The other was a human who I'd trust with my life. But even for the people that have shown others, showing proof to people in your social life is not very high on the priority list. It's definitely something I wouldn't trust to a majority of the people in my social life, none the less on the internet. First hand proof is asking for a lot, and that's more than likely the only proof you'll get from anyone. Videos of the event for most are out of the question, not including first hand encounters that are out of the question anyways for people like me.


This... Thank you.
I only show people whom I trust, and have trusted for a long time.
You don't just give out proof to prove yourself. Real werewolves on the internet just know who is real and who isn't by the information they give, and that's all we really need to confirm to one another who we are.
In real life, its a different story, and even then we don't really have to physically give proof to other wolves, because they already know.
We can sense each other, and pick apart from the crowd who is like us.
And if not, some of the shifts in front of others who know what we are are unavoidable, as, when we feel comfortable and safe with the person, they tend to happen.