Alright, wow. So I've been gone for two years and I come back to see all this 'crap'. I would like to say: PLEASE make way for the serious people. And to those who 'want to be a werewolf too', live life a little longer(Noticed most of y'all are like 13-15) Its a very difficult decision! It took me about two years just to decide if I wanted a certain spell cast on me(which I did not go through). I thought about my love life, my family, what would happen if I had kids one day, or if I even could have kids. Yes I'm 18(turning 19 in September), but I am a Wiccan(since my earliest days of life) and I know the difficulties a 'supernatural' life has in store, and I'm just getting started with life! In three days I'll be out of state in college alone(just wait until high school graduation hits you in the face, took me a month afterwards BUT IT STILL HAPPENS). Imagine if you were a newly turned werewolf. YOU HAVE TO TEST YOURSELF. You have to know with all your heart that you are capable of this literal life changing decision.

So enough of that.

Gosh, so much just changes in two years. Y'all can blame television and movies and books. Ha! Books, that's a first. Anyway, the reason I'm writing now is because, as I stated above, I am going away to college. My coven split up when I was 17 and I have been Solitary ever since. I am an Electric witch and also study old alchemy(the old Traditional 'back in the days'). I've been having some seriously serious dreams about wolves and myself. So as of now I am looking for any werewolf in Massachusetts in the next weeks for help, in exchange for my services however needed.

Oh and I hope you wouldn't mind my spirit, I take him everywhere with me.

AND hello people(old and new), its nice to be back. Hope we can talk sometime.
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I am not trying to disrespect those of you who really are werewolves. I DO NOT want to be a werewolf, that's all your thing. I DO NOT know anything about werewolves. I am a WITCH, I know about WITCH things. If its all the same to you I greatly prefer sticking with my Sabbats and rituals. It is my religion and My Way of Life. I am looking for Advice from serious people.

Please and Thank You

I don't like being mean but if you guys push me I will push back. Please don't look at a fruit and claim its sour if you haven't tasted it.

Spells don't work it would have failed anyways. I didn't even read the whole thing the whole story just screams bs. You are right about one thing though the little kids need to stop with the fake crap they pull

Whoa Whoa, wait please. As I said below to Rebel Wolf: I Am Not Trying To Be A Werewolf. I don't want to be, Ever. AND the spell I was speaking of WAS NOT werewolf related in anyway. And I also admitted that I don't know the rules for werewolves, I originally thought they were born and bitten. If not that's great for you guys. Most people here are really hostile, while I'm just looking for ADVICE about DREAMS. Thank you

First off I never said you wanted to be anything you could wana be a grasshopper for all I care. 2nd why ask about dreams on a werewolf page that just flat out makes no sence what so ever. Third your going on a rant about things you have no control over. Finally whats with this spirit thing and also I didn't see anything about dreams at all but I really didn't read all of this story

Sorry, its just irritates me that everyone thinks everyone wants to be a werewolf or a vampire or something. Or that spell work is just saying words and getting instant results. In about half my dreams it included people who turned into wolves, and once a guys who turned into a tiger. The other half was me being the one who shifted. I'm just trying to be open minded about what this means the way I was taught. I don't understand what you mean about the rant part and no control though. And I have a spirit, its a dead cat that I use as a familiar.

Ok well u have fun with that

Thanks, unless you can help me figure it out, but I have a feeling you don't. And I don't blame you, a lot of these things I'm seeing are really weird. So truce or whatever?

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Hell I would help but sadly I'm about a good 700 miles away in a diff state but still if u want to talk just send me a msg

What do you mean your spirit

Spirit keeping. When I said 'my spirit' I didn't mean me myself. But another's.

Real werewolves don't have a choice of being what they are. They are either born with it or not. Spells, even if you were thinking about getting one cast, don't work with this type of thing unless you are experienced in changing the genetic structure of something.

Tell that to lord dang.

I am not trying to become a werewolf, the cast I was considering is a completely different story. I don't know the rules for werewolves, nor would I pretend to, and if you'd like to tell me that'd be great. But please realize the complication of magic. Please discourage anyone you see who wants to 'hop into a spell' because they believe it will make them a werewolf.

That's actually what I'm saying. xD

It could be dangerous of a huge waste of time for them.

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