I think it's interesting that in recent months there's this new principle of a "shifting age". It only seems to be on EP and I'd never heard of it until some months ago. Young people within the community don't dare go near shifting because its been said that if they try before a certain age they will die. Meanwhile, this thought never occurred to me. I had my first shifting experience when I was 16.

I had just awoke to my supernatural self and the energy coursing through my body was enough to power a house. This shift came naturally and I let my body and mind do whatever they would do. Another thing I've noticed about my shifting experiences is that they never hurt. I can't even feel my body, let alone any type of pain. It's almost like there's so much energy in that moment that I end up having an out-of-body experience while it's happening...but that's another topic for another time.

After my first shifting experience when I was 16 I wanted to go back to that feeling. But school had started and I learned quickly how to put a lid on my wereism, so that I could blend in with the other high schoolers. But that didn't stop me from exploring my wereism so that I could learn shifting for good. It just slowed it down considerably because I had to play like I was normal.

The first thing I learned is that fear will shut down all types of shifting. Mental shifts, phantom, astral, sense shifts...whatever. No matter how "human" we may act there is always some "blood flow" that's going on between our conscious selves and the inner-beast that makes us not-so-human. Fear clamps that blood flow like a vise and cuts off the connection. So I had to learn not to fear whatever I was. Which, at the age of 16, was harder than it may sound, and it took me years just to get past that step...

Back to the age limit topic though....honestly when I was "growing up" as a were-kid I never heard of an age limit. A few friends and I tried quite a few times to shift and each time I learned something new about how I worked. Honestly, it's my opinion that if you want to shift you have to just do it. It's an action. You can't try to do it you have to do it. If you are ready for the shift then it will happen. It's instinctual for weres and shifters to shift anyway. If you are ready for it let the instinct to shift lead the way and you won't have a problem. If you aren't ready, the beautiful thing about it is you just won't get anywhere. You can sit there all night or all day, like I did a few times, and if you don't know how to unlock that ability within yourself it won't happen. No matter how much you don't fear the shift... I think it has something to do with being "too human". We have to break some of the human conditioning we've been given by our parents and by society. "Fear" is something both humans and animals feel but fear of one's self is more of a human thing, I think. So it can be hard, at first, to get past that.

But this shifting age seems to place fear in younger shifters. So they don't go near it. I'm inclined to let people do whatever they want to do. It's not my business, really. But I think that fear may be holding young shifters back from experimenting with how their shifting works. From my experiences I can say that no, you won't die from trying to shift. At this point if you wanted to shift right now you wouldn't know the first step towards doing it. So you have nothing to fear from your position as a shifter now, but you also won't really get anywhere until you stop holding yourself back. The way I learned my way towards shifting is by experimentation. I thought maybe the first step for me was to envision myself in my animal form running through a forest. That didn't work. I tried many "first steps" until I found the right one. Then I found the second and the third. Now, though I am not a master at shifting, I can shift if I need to. Just took me 6 years of soul searching and figuring out who/what I was and how I worked.

So, yes, maybe shifting is something only older people can do. I'm 21, pushing 22 now, and I can finally shift. So really I'm more like standing proof that you have to be older to shift. Maybe I wasn't ready spiritually at the age of 16, but that never really stopped me. It's been a relentless progression. It's the relentless part that has gotten me to where I am today I think. Stopping the relentlessness because I wasn't of age was never a thought in my mind...
And regardless of that I guess it doesn't matter does it? Whether you wait to start the relentless progression until you're 18 or 20 or whenever just postpones the inevitable by a few years. It doesn't stop us from trying eventually. I'm just impatient, so I'm glad I started all this at the age of 16, and even 16 is a little late compared to others I know.

Also I'm not the type to step on toes...least of all on sites like this one. If you don't agree with my philosophy on life all I can do is wish you well with yours. This is not an argument. I'm actually a pretty peaceful person so I don't want to start fights where they're not needed. This is just another experience posted on Experience Project.
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When I talk about it I'm referring to the physical shift. You seemed confused so I will elaborate. You don't give children a loaded gun and let them 'figure it out'. Yes shifting can kill. Just because you 'might' be the exception does not make it factual across the board. Physical shifting is VERY painful. But how the pain is described helps weed out who's real and who's not. Touch something hot it's a distinct type of pain. The same type of pain another will feel touching something hot. Shifting is the same. Shifting IS tied to a lot of factors surrounding maturity. Both physical and mental. That's why it doesn't come about in mid swing of puberty. However the 'awakening' for lack of a better term is typically alongside puberty. I call it 'supernatural puberty'. Because it happens in the same way so to speak. Including the confusion, awkwardness, and basically floundering about. Some do it gracefully. Some not so much.

I know what your talking about when you said you feel no pain and the out of body experience thing I was gonna make a story about it . I heard about that in shamanic practices and they said that's what happens during a shift sometimes .