The true story of the "Wolf"

Now all you self-proclaimed werewolves, how do you know you're "animals"?

You guys posted some crap about changing you're eye color, what you got contact lenses, physical shifting? Did you forget to shave lmao?

Let me explain how these "real" werewolves figure out they're wolves, first of all did you wonder why these "wolfs" are on ep? They're insecure or suffer from depression or some related issue, when they've given up on life and are at there breaking point, they feel as they'r being tortured, so they escape to this fantasy world where they pretend to be wolves, moreover they make up stories about fighting HUNTERS LOL.

Now, theirs nothing really wrong with this its all fun and all, but when idiots like Lunardream take it too far it gets annoying lmao, no offense btw.

Also the ima vampire+werwolf hybird crap, thats a bit too much imo.

lastly, those who pretend to be animals, get treated like animals <-<
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Śhut up with your rude as comments
U have no life ur insulting people
U need to stop
U should be ashamed of yourself!!!!
Ur problem is u have anger so u put it on us
U need to stop
U are getting people **** off
Also don't insult werewolves thanks!

Shut up with your stupid comments attempting to insult me
-you have no life LOL, pretending to be a animal, what kind of abuse have you been through?
-i will go on dw.
-i think you need to face reality and stop the ima wolf act
-YOU need to stop pretending
-you will **** yourself when u see an actual wolf
-wolfs can smd.

Don't u ever even think I been threw abuse #1
#2 u don't even know my life
#3 I am a wolf
#4 go to hell
#5 I'm not pretending
#6 ur ******* me off
#7 get a life
#8 ur getting lots of people mad
#9 don't try me

Wowoww u can count. Suprising coming from a cheap animal.

Your imagining ;p

What life do you have wolfwannabe? Go to hell, but im an athiest :(

I won't cuz I believe in and love god
Plus spread his good name
And I'm not a wanna be
Like u
Oh the big bad human!!

Lol. Your beyond stupid. Il become ur new god little girl. Then u can spread my name, they call me jake.

Ok jake trust me I will

Your my servant now.

And lmao
U think u can take me but I'm sorry JAKE u can't I'm not going down like a wimp

Il tickle u and make surrender girl

I'll fucken bite u and make u surrender jake u fucken tickle me and I'll shift there and now and get u

*tickles u* aww cute little wolf ^o^ *pets u* bite me? Plsss ur a baby silly!

*bites ur finger*attack u throws u like a rag doll
And end role playing

U wanna roleplay? Why dont u just ask lol

I'm not going to role play
I'm not a troll

Lol il humor u

Lol I'll bite you

Baby teeth dun hurt sweetiem

One I'm not a baby two I swear I'm going to track u down with some help

Aww u ran out of insults so sad so ah I won

I'm not done with u!

And trust me I'm a pissed of werewolf
And don't u call me a baby

Cute little baby wolf ^o^ *gives u bottle of milk* relax ^-^

Ur ******* me the **** off
Trust me I'm not the baby wolf
I'm the fucken wolf thy mess u up and destroys ur life

Ohhhh im so scared ._.

Anyways, good chat sweetie. Its late here goodnight.

*gives u ur pacifer, babies need there nipples ^o^, sleep tight dont let the vampires bite ;)

I'm sorry mam but I'm don't call me a Little lady call me Hailey someone who could totally mess up ur life
I have a HUGE chance against u
Trust me I can mess u up

U gonna tickle me :(?

Im a dude, kid.

Fix ur life first lol

I'm sorry u need to ur life
And I'm not going to tickle u no way in hell
And ur not a dude ur a little boy with his blanket

Im a guy doe :(

Im 17 miss!

Yeah, message me when your done being an animal

Yeah I'm 13
But trust me I was grown not take take **** from guys like u

Awwww little baby :D ur so cutteee

Haha, you in grade 6?

Omg u know what counting is
I'm so proud of u!
Trust me girl I'm not a cheap ****;)
Sorry human but ur wrong!

Im a dude. Listen little lady, you're a cheap wolf. You are LOL some vivid imagination you have being an animal. What chance do u have against me wolfgirl? Destroyed your entire crew below. LOL

I'm in 7
I have a big chance against u when I will be punching u u will be on the ground begging for a chance to live

Well tbh,yeah sure.

Yeah u think ur safe when ur not

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Most of them are roll players and children with vivid imaginations. But there is a small percentage that do experience physical changes... Not necessarily werewolfism.
It's more of a mirage or series of tricks being played on them by none other than demons. My hair started to turn white during a previous possession I had. My eyes blacked out fully too. It's no joke. I would hate for someone to go through what I did with everyone thinking they were crazy. It's the worst feeling ever.

Lol I see xD

Maybe it would of been best if you didn't say anything to this post. It's occward for me.

I am on this site because every time I searched something "werewolf" related, links to peoples' stories on this site brought me here. So I decided to join the group and talk to others like me. I'm not here to impress anyone or brag about how I'm a werewolf.

And unlike every other person on this site, I don't claim to turn into a wolf and run into the wild and live off of rabbits and talk to my inner wolf. So you I guess you are right about that part.

Ok I understand your frustration, however you do not know how it feels to belong to something such as a pack. They have your back when nobody else ******* does. It's not about the looks or what we change about ourselves. It's about what we feel. Wolves thrive in a pack and so do we. It is unexplainable to close minded idiots like you and you know what? Maybe of society WERNT as close minded and ignorant as you, there would be more focus on acceptance rather than whatever you got going on.

Blame society. The usual. So you admit ur all liars and posers and then you find common ground? Have your back? Have you lost your sanity, you wolfs are cowards LOL theyd prolly leave u in a minute what are u gonna do after, be a dragon?

Cowards? You poor bastard.
Just because daddy left you behind doesn't mean you have to project your insecurities on us.

Poor? Lol who are you talking to you little insecure girl, if anything you're the insecure one, your life must be so tarsh, that's why you must pretend to be an animal lmao. If anything you're the poor one aswell, you wolf are cowards to the damn core LOL, "got ur back" FACE LIFE FIRST LOL! You wolfs are just a phone lie

xD Insecure? How am I insecure? So far, all you are doing is projecting your own feelings onto me.
I call you insecure, now I am all of a sudden insecure.
You're poor. Now I am poor.

You make me laugh. I'm sorry you've had such a weak life that this is your only desperate attempt at making a difference.

Oh... but watch...
I have a weak life, right?
I have a great job, with great pay and the work I do is wonderful, a respectful and accepting family who have helped me learn what I need for life, and I have a boyfriend, and a roof over my head.

So, that is one thing you can't say I have, that I know you do.
When you find the strength to go on with your life, let me know.

You have nothing, lmao, went through you're experiences seems your depressed antisocial, lmao your exaggeration. You're from a family of lunatics LOL, great job? Please, you're some poor sh--t 20k monthly rofl. I don't have insecure ****, only you do. Strength to go on with life? Please, I view life as fun, I actually look forward to things, haven't you given up on life you poor animal?

Hey come on dude.

You don't have to believe a thing they are saying, but making fun of poor people? Not cool.

Animals will be treated like animals. Not even in a pet way.

I couldn't really give a **** what you think or say or do.
This is the internet. It's not really my problem.
I'll just let Natural Selection sort you out when the time comes.

You just keep on wearing that tough guy sweater your mommy knitted for you, buddy. We all know you aren't like this in person.

I am not even playing tough LOL. Natural selection? Wtf are u going on about? Natural selectiom can smd u little insecure animal. I pity ur children.. making them feel like animals.. a pity.

Werewolf, my a-- your a hairy btch in denial.

Shut up YellowBrightLight u have a really negative energy!
U need to stay out of her life
No one is perfect and trust me I know ur not so shut up
Everyone will agree with me
Oh and YellowBrightLight u ever insult my kind again I will make u pay
U must have a bad life if all day ur on here insulting people
I keep on reading what u posted u should be ashamed of yourself
And trust me u are ******* off a lot of wolves

My energy? My energy is beyond measure, little girl. Stay out, oi ***** she messaged me. Whos everyone? Bad life? Im not always on here, moreover your the one with the bad life. You pretend to be a wolf, damn a fricking animal.

What did u read about me? Im suprised you hate me after reading my profile ignorant one.

Hey you know what? **** you. **** you for being a close minded *****. I clearly said it's something I cannot explain to you as you are obviously too stupid to understand, so shut the **** up and sit down.

No, "somehting you cannot explain" is bs. You're a little insecure girl, who's life is a mere life.

You do know mere means only...right?

My part got cut off wolf.

You try to use wolf in a demeaning manner? Did you pass the 2nd grade?

This is the interenet, I type how I want.
pass the 2nd grade? Lol, you must not know how a 8 year old types. Moreover your a teacher LOL? Please, at your age its a pity, did u also forget to shave? You should really re-evulate your life and live like a human instead of a wolf.

You don't know how a werewolf lives his or her life. Here's the thing, we don't just act like a dog, walk around on all fours, and drink from toilet. So sorry to disappoint you, but you would only know if I was a werewolf if I actually told you in a face to face conversation.

And you also called yourself an 8 year old, so congrats!

I didnt call myself a 8 year, appears you cannot read either, another pity. Lol, see just excused you just makes up without giving any valid proof or atleast a reasonable explanation. Do u even shave mate? I pity your students Mr.teacher educating them on your lunatic beliefs. U may be the big bad wolf, but when u look inside ur a little insecure man pretending to be a wolf.

Really? I would like you to go back, re-read what you typed, then realize what you said.

It goes to show how much you actually know about an educational system, considering a board decides what I do or don't teacher.

I'm not little by any standards, considering I am over 6 foot, and you would like to insinuate that I am insecure based on what evidence?

I have re-read it. Hey, im from canada. How am I suppose to know how your board opperates seems they make exceptions for pitiful lunatics like you. Maybe ur not even a teacher just bullshiting to pick up insecure wolf girls on ep, who knows. Evidence? Hm, well for one you pretend to be a damn wolf, are you too insecure to be a human thatu resort to fantasy? You made assumption yet dare ask me for evidence. Hey, I bet ur no teacher eithet ;p wolfym

Yeah, I am too. It works the same in both countries. When did I assume anything, and as a matter of fact, the only person assuming things is you.

And also, I'm engaged, and have a baby on the way.

Provinces operate differently. Not really it doesn't. You assumed I apperently didnt pass 2nd grade, wild assumption or a weak to try and insult me. Sure you are ;p, for all I know your probaly making crap up.

The evidence is that you type like one and have a lack of knowledge of basic English, or even grammar.

Ouch...was that supposed to hurt..because it didn't. Sorry!

You call that a insult bro? This is the internet I can type how I want without it making sense, so judging someone based on there grammar skills online is pretty pitiful. Nice, a teacher who keeps sexual relationships with kids, read your post u perv, looking at 14 yr olds changehuh explains why ur on ep ^.

See here's the thing, the fact you look at my profile proves you are no longer arguing about our point here, and yes, I've made mistakes, but if we are judging off of mistakes, your mother and father are a disgrace, for creating you.

Your a disgrace to ur union and teachers LOL. Bro, you claim to be a teacher with a username called MrBigBadWolf. Says something doesn't it you creep? Try again, maybe your a wolf becuase your parents treated you like one? Well, u started the insulting :), why not? Your a phony and a fail as a teacher even if u r one lmao.

Really, it doesn't get worse than anime. This also is personal life and any GOOD TEACHER knows how to separate personal life and school life. And here's the thing, the fact you looked through my profile just goes to show your more of a creep then I am. And I repeat myself again, no werewolf gets on all fours and acts like a dog. You don't know me other than this argument yet you call me a fail as a teacher, which is considerably idiotic along with the anything else that comes out of your head.

Nice assumption. But ur not a good teacher? Your a creepy pervert who pretends to be a wolf and preys on insecute girls on ep, you damn pedo? Werent your students enough? Clicking a profile isnt creepy wolfboy.

Really, because I posted that a while back, and let's face it, you had to search for that.

And, I never did anything to them, I just had students who had crushes on me, and flirted with me? How does that make me a creep?

I don't prey on girls, nor have I ever flirted online, much less EP.

Insecute isn't a word, insecure is.

You understood what it meant yet u had to correct a typo? Desperate. Nope, you're a creep. You are here to prey on insecure girls, people like you disgust me.. what what would your imaginery wife think? Bleh. Later, our conversation is over. Il reply later if u wanna continue. But im busy.

She would think that you are a *****, and probably will kill yourself before you hit 30 years old.

Who's life is a mere life... Huh. Well obviously we are all taking different paths in life and yours is no more 'mere' than mine. I am not insecure I love who I am. Just because you feel like you have to attack people for your own personal gain does not mean they respect you. I honestly couldn't give a **** what you say because I am always going to be happy with who I am and I don't have to put other people down to feel good about myself.

I havent attacked u, u guys attacked me LOL its not my fault if ur getting hurt by words. Is this some werewolf back idiot, did u not just verbally abuse me in ur first comment using profanity lol? > talks about attacking people

> attacks them using profanity n when they reply its attack on her

True nature of u wolves. Your phonys who gave up on life. Cowards to very core.

Ahhhh you live a very sad life my friend I pity you. Why do you feel the need to tell us we are wrong? That what we are doing is wrong? Ahhhh sink back into the bullshit you came from

Thats you, pathetic animal. Go eat some sh--t lmao. You keep changing the topic you cheap wolfhore.

Oh wow, little ray of sunshine we have here everyone! No really, your positivity is too much and how respectful of you, dehumanizing me like that? *sarcasm so overwhelming it could ******* knock you out.* no you keep living your life I am done with filth like you.

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...and are you a real werewolf?

No, I joined cuz its a lively section, are u a wolf superior, can u answer my questions above?

I created this one, lol. but it was only for fun purposes

Lmao, u get alot of pedos msging u? ,read ur add me to ur circle story

Yes lol!!!

y? i had a old guy hit on me once lmao,

Lol idk for fun. bit I just ignore them


What were the questions exactly, because quite a bit of that was hard to understand.

Am I a werewolf? Yeah. I've been a werewolf for awhile now.

But how do u become a wolf exactly, i get it ur "born" one but how do u know

I was born one. How do I know?
My dad was a werewolf. My uncle is a werewolf.
My mom is a shapeshifter.
I have a lot of supernatural in the family, not to mention, it is a bit hard to ignore when you physically shift.
So, there are a lot of reasons as to why I know what I am.

doesn't explain anything really.. lol

physically shift, explain tht to me in detail

Look at my stories. I described my first full shift in detail.
Also, even if I did explain it into detail, you never get the same shifting experience, not to mention, it is different for everyone's way of shifting.
What could be one way for you doesn't necessarily mean it is that f=way for another.

Just eyed one ; P


r u sure it wasnt a dream


Pretty sure it wasn't a dream there, Kojak.


Police detective from a show in the 70's.

I see, so during this "shift" u turn into a animal or no>

I shift into a wolf. I am a wolf. Hence werewolf.

I really dig your investigative work.
You must have graduated top of your class.

r u sure u didnt forget to shave

lol what makes u think im "investigating", its only natural to question something absurd as werewolves

With the amount of hair growth caused by a shift, 'not shaving' is in no way a valid answer as to what is happening.

Not to mention, the bending, breaking, and snapping of bones, tearing of flesh, re-positioning of joints, growth of muscle mass, all that is accompanied with the change of shape.

Yeah. Totally. I forgot to shave.

maybe ur going through late puberty :0

I am 21 years old.

Nice try.

Its the only thing tht explains ur shift..

Rebel is right I've seen my friend shift and they soon over a course of about 2 days gain more muscle mass and look a little more masculine then feminine and I mean just a little and same thin how do u know ur a wolf is by ur family my mother and father are both wolves and their parents and so on so basically everything rebel said I can confirm on

So crazy parents a bonus?

I see yours didn't teach you respect.

Instead, they encouraged trolling on the internet.
You have some mighty fine parents there, kid.

Respect? I havent insulted you. Trolling? Good assumption, if anything your the one trolling pretending to be an animal. But hey, it cant be helped if craxy is in the blood for u, can it?

You haven't insulted me?
Insinuating someone is crazy for something you don't understand is a bit insulting, don't you think?

But you are right. To me, it isn't insulting.
If anything, its a bit funny how much effort you are putting forth to try and prove someone wrong, when you have no actual knowledge on the subject.
Which, your effort seems to be a bit lacking.

Subject: fantasy

Im also using my imagination
Lol relax dont take it to heart wolfy

I'm not, though. Already established that, Kojak. xD

Good. U not too upset r ya?

Well actually, dear one, you kind of did insult them. You see, werewolfism is their culture. Werewolf is just what they are or what they believe they are. You trying to dumb it down with "Are you sure you just didn't forget to shave?" Or "Maybe you're just going threw puberty." Is rather rude. Werewolf is, for lack of a better word, a race of some kind. You see, telling a werewolf that he isn't such and might just have forgotten to shave is like telling a black man he is not be black and may just have forgotten to take a shower. Or telling an Asian man that he might just need to open his eyes a little wider.

I see. So its like a culture? Makes sense, but not a very known one. Werewolve jokes cant be considered racist jokes.

Ah, yes. There are many cultures and races out there that have yet to be explored. You see, it's always nice to keep an open mind, even for the things that seem the most far fetched to us. ^^

I like wolf jokes. But some wolfs find them funny aswell :), wolfs r nice often. Plus dont whats up with fake or real wolfs? If its a culture whey do some people "weed out" the "fakes" inner conflict?

Hmm... it's mostly for protection. Because like werewolves, there are also hunters. If some crazy man who calls himself a hunter finds these and runs with them, it could put the "fakers" in danger as well as someone who is serious about their werewolfism.

Lol I see lmao. Wolfs still have human forms, shudnt tht help against "hunters"?

One would think so, but sadly if a man has it in his head that it's for the good of man kind, there's nothing to stop him and the killing will simplely be writen off as murder by a lunatic. Or just a cold case for the slayers that are top notch at covering their tracks.

I see lmao. And the therian?

From what Ive learned for my friends, the therians follow a religion the shifters just shift, bit absurd?

I don't know much about tharians, but I'm not one for religion either, although definately worth exploration. As for shifters? Eh. I wouldn't be so quick to write them off as absurde. I'd try to learn a little more about them. And in time, if you still find them absurd, that is a-ok! One is entitled to their opinion and what they choose to believe. Besides, afterward, at least you can say you know a little about them. ^^

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