Thanks for blocking me lunadream it go's to show that you are wrong I just want to say 2 things

Number 1: Alpha jake is 100% fake

Number 2: before you try and fit in here do your research.

Kind regards Rogue
rougewolf55555 rougewolf55555
22-25, F
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leave the kid alone, he is on his own journey. people always believe what they want in any case. If they want to make some fake their leader then they are the ones that must pay the price for it, and not you that tried to warn them.

accept people's freewill, they are the engineers of their own lives and choices they make, no matter what you are going to say or do is going to change the fact that people always think and do as they want to, even if they get guidance in the contrary.

just make sure you practice what you preach.

Thanks but I'm a girl

[lost here} what?

You said he is on his own journey but I'm a girl

I was referring to the little dude lunardream

Oh you didn't make that very clear oh hehehe my bad!


No problem

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Lunar is a joke. Lol

I know half the people on here are

yellow who are you to judge, even the people who point out the fakes are greater clowns than the ones they make fun of. Judge yourself before you judge the kid. Haven't you made the same mistakes he did? If so, are you comfortable with calling yourself a joke too? Then shhh

How can you think I'm a supernatural to begin with? Fakes? Im simply stating the fact they claim to be able to switch into a wolf is fake. Don't you agree? Hey, maybe you're a supernatural...? My gosh... in your 40's.. must be pitiful. No wonder you lost your daughter, haha same mistakes? Pretend to be animal? Um, no, fyi. I have done nothing that as absurd as the "wolfs". I think you need to stop jumping to conclusions and re-evaluate yourself.

Yellow i think you are a hypocrite that is all. And great response from someone claiming to be smart using personal attacks to think you can get me down. Of course I do not bother myself but you are clearly bothered by yourself.

I am a hypocrite in no way, again are you dense? What part of "Im not a supernatural" do you not understand? Where did I state im "smart", you're clearly bothered. Maybe its the "ghosts" this time for you, who knows you're lost daughter might be revived as a ghost lool

You are a hateful child. And how dare you speak about supernatural creatures if you think magic does not exist?

Magic does not exist, retard.

Futuete you really kind of come across as a stalker you know?hearting all of my comments,but before that trying to shame me,you really have some nerve don't you?

Wow lmaoo

Stalker? No dear I am just amused by you lot claiming to be werewolves but putting others down. Point - you want to bring others down and I told you to stop! You did not like it? Shame not my problem. All you kids that tell others that they are fake and stupid really need to look in the mirror, neither of you are perfect and don't take it out on others who are comfortabke with that fact. Something you are obviously not.

Woah sorry that's a pre-you standing up for me post thanks a lot for that.

I am just saying, think twice before you just judge the people on here. You are a lot like those you seek to put down. They all believe in magic and think they are something special, then why is that a problem to you that want to think the same about yourself?

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Sorry but who are you?

Apparently I'm a fake because she thinks I live in a swamp... I think she's the next amaya...

Well her name is bonnie. She's actually 13-15 and she has a failed Internet pack.

How did you get that?

Is that true? Never would have guessed it...

I read ppls ****

I didn't say I live in a swamp you idiot
I said you live in an area with a lot of marshland

It's bonny with a y thank you very much and no it did not fail I'm now a rouge

I'm 18 thanks

So you are a lipstick that happens to be a *********?
Actually our state doesn't have marshlands and it's bigger than your entire country.

Rouge is also a COLOR! What are they teaching you in school nowadays?

I'm not a pedo I live in New Zealand I'm 18 my name is spelt with a y and I am a real werewolf did I cover every thing?

Wait alpha jake is 100% fake half the people on ep are

'Spelled'. You were the one posting you want to make 13-15 year old friends. Now if you wish to imply I'm fake you better have reason to back it up. You know outside of looking like a petty little child throwing a tantrum for getting called out.

ha ha ha miss sheangel19 what the hell is wrong with you girl?!

If I am not mistaken you are the one that tells children on here that you know the werewolf law and that you are going take them into your pack to teach them or something. I am just confused that's all, because you also call a lot of kids fake on here.

So how does your sifting process work exactly? Who do you decide to degrade and humiliate as worthless pups and who do you decide to recruit for your so called pack as something special? Notwithstanding your pack being one of which none of us know is actually for real, existing outside of the internet together with all your other fantastical stories about yourself and your pack members.

You are calling rougewolf a pedo creeper? Ha ha ha, while you want to recruit teenagers for a pack of your own?! Pot calling the kettle black?

Rogue and I did not get off on a good start, but that won't prevent me from standing up for her, when utter sham is being thrown in her face, especially by someone who appears to look like an online predator herself.

As for the pedophelia allegations - I did not know that starting a werewolf club has to involve sexual relations between its members. Is that what is happening in your pack and is that a standard requirement for forming a pack at all?! [Damn the youth of today] Or are you just calling people names because you are bored and have nothing else to do, and just seek a reaction? Very low for a lady claiming to be 30 years old. Are you faking your age? Because you are acting like an 11 year old.

Where have I ever tried to recruit ppl?

If you tell people to think a certain way before they can join your pack, I believe that amounts to recruiting people. End of story dear.

Show me where I have done such.

You tell me, you are the one acting like the great teacher around here, and that some are fake and some are real. Again, where is YOUR textbook to back up YOUR CLAIMS that some of the kids on here are fake, and that some CANNOT join your pack.

To make a long story short, I think it is very debilitating to a kid's self-esteem if you tell the poor sprout that they are not good enough to join your pack because they are just too fake to your to your taste, especially when you go around making yourself out to be something special that must be respected as something special, and if respect is not given from you, then they are worthless pieces of trash according to you.

I have never recruited anyone on here for my pack. I have been asked and always turned them down. Which is my right to do for whatever reason I so choose. And you are the one throwing accusations around. Again. Put up or shut up.

So what you are saying is, that if you hold yourself out as some great teacher, that that does not amount to recruiting when they ask you to teach them? Great est shamlock i ever heard

I have been very clear I don't formally teach anymore either.

Oh great, then you must stop posting as if you know everything about spiritual matters, so that you can harm no more minds. Thank you for understanding that you are a harmful influence as to protect yourself form others.

That has absolutely nothing to do with what I said you nutjob.

No, then what is it, that you meant? You stopped teaching because you lost customers because they started to see right through the mess you are? Or did you start respecting people's freewill for once in your selfish little life? Did you start to acknowledge people for who they really are, instead of WHO YOU want them to be? If so, I am so proud of you. But I highly doubt someone like you who has been playing this game for so long, could ever change, since this has become your addiction no?!

Thank you futuete for that I appreciate it.

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Excuse me... what did I do? And what makes you presume I'm fake? Not wanting to argue but I am curious...

Well it was lunardream she said you helped her.I presume because do remember that message you sent me before inviting me in to your pack.You said where you lived and where you live is mainly marshlands not forests.Not ideal for wolves.Also the information you are tell "people" is incorrect.

First off, my back yard is woodland and there is not much if any marsh land near me or close to the nearest city... and what does it matter where you live? I don't live off the land... I go to work and make my money and go to Wal-Mart like any other person... this is the 21st century... we don't have to live off the land anymore...

I said nothing about living off the land I merely said where you live is no ideal for wolves so please read before you reply

Why is it not ideal for wolves?

Are you stupid? You do know the entire United States down to MEXICO AND BEYOND had wolves at one point in time, right?
You can find wolves all over the damn United States, some where you wouldn't even believe they would be.
The United States is more than perfect terrain for a wolf to thrive.
You just wouldn't know it due to the fact idiot extremists have eradicated them over the years to where not many roam where they should.
You need to learn to read and do research before you opening your mouth, because its children like you who make others confused about what's really going on.

Also, I would like to add, people learn and teach things differently, so some information said may be different from others. But almost all basic knowledge remains the same.
But if you are oh so obviously dense as to believe the basic Hollywood bullshit, then you need to invest in some stem cell research to try and regrow the dead brain cells you have lost because that is NOT how any of this works.

My point exactly

Bro I'm just going to stop replying before this convocation gets out of hand.
Many kind regards I really don't care any more


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Are you the new Amaya?

Nope but I remember her