Any wolves out there

Message me

;) :) ;)
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it is good to make friends, but some people are more confused than you are. But I guess that is part of the lesson. Enjoy!

hi im prince karlisel

Huh? •.•

I don't know if I'm a were Im on the silver pack website help me

What adce can I give u

How to tell if I'm a wolf if not P or M shifted

Private message me the hunters might see this


She's a nutter

Wtf is a nutter?

everyone is a nutter or crazy person to sheangel19. I still don't know if she suffers from a chronic case of anxiety and paranoia, everyone is sick and stupid except for her. That is one of the main reason I refuse to entertain her. She is incapable to have empathy with other individuals, despite claiming to be an "empath". It is all just a joke to her, but in reality, she is most frightened by herself, and I wonder if she ever could stand in the position of her own soul to look at herself clearly to compare herself with those she slanders and hate on.

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Help me plz



How're you?

Good lol

That's good. So why talk to wolves? I'm just curious. :)

Well I'm a wolf and I want some advice

advice on what?

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