I'm looking for answers.. I have a feeling I'm in the right place..can any one help...please.. I'm alone in this..
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What's wrong?

What answers are you looking for

i advise you to ask Dyan. he knows what he;s talking about.

I agree.

Normally I'm skeptical about offering to answer people's questions on here if I don't know them because it starts more bull than I'm willing to deal with but I'll give it a shot, for whatever reason. What are you looking for answers about?

Can I message you? Trust me No bull. I'm honest and really upfront.

I have always knew I was different just didn't know how or why. My mom makes excuses and my Dad just smiles (like he knows something )then changes the subject. I'm mainly looking to talk to someone who can take my experiences and help me figure out What's going on and how to understand it.

my mom was the same. before she got all b!tchy and evil she use to be really nice and fun and she would always joke around and say that m\our family are shape shifters and whatnot and i never believed her. i thought she was joking...she was smiling and even laughed about it. she use to be a really kind woman until my Grandfather, who was the Alpha , died and the family went crazy . my uncles threatened to kill each other because they were arguing over who would get my grandfathers stuff and my Grandma damn near had a heart attack after cursing them both out and throwing everything across the room. ever sense he passed its like we;ve all fallen apart...he was like a piece to a puzzle and without it the puzzle wont be complete . everybody separated after that and even to this day , 4 years later , they still are arguing over who will possess his stuff. my grandmother is selling her land and moving . i think that sucks cause i loved coming over and playing in her woods when i was younger but since my great Aunt lives next door to her i guess i can go on her side of the woods if i ever want to .

I'm sorry about your family. I know what That's like my great grandmother passed in February and ever since my family have been at each other..my Dad has never been around he left when I was 4 months old. He would call but No contact after that he was 18 when I was born. I met him when I was 10 again at 16 and then at 22 I haven't seen him in a year and now he's preaching family first and wants me to move close to him. I ask him why and he just says "family first".. but my younger sister is going through some of the Same things but none of the boys are, It's a bit strange that why I'm seeking answers

message me . we need to talk

Yes, you're more than welcome to message me if you'd like.

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