Well, goodbye all. I've been inactive on this site for a long time, and am probably forgotten, but I wish I had spent more time here. Too late now, I suppose. So, anywhere people are migrating? Before everything here is frozen in time forever, I'd like to know what you'll all be doing.

Goodbye. Hopefully not forever, but goodbye none the less.
DeliriousWolf DeliriousWolf
16-17, M
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I'm a bit confused myself as to where everyone is migrating. I guess we will really just have to find out and see. Anyways, I haven't met you before, but goodbye. I hope to speak with you for longer next time! -James

Greetings and farewell. Personally, I'm going to http://shapeshiftershaven.boards.net/. Probably. I don't know, really.

Ah okay! I think I registered (or will be). I'll see if I can find you!

I'll be under the same username I have here. Will see you there!


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