Im stuck in werewolf form... You don't believe me? Take a look at my hairy back...

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No I am not mad, that is only an assumption that you made. You don't know me, you can't hear me and therefor anything you say about me really isn't credible. I am actually very calm by nature, and I don't get mad very easily. I am however blunt and do speak my mind. As for my hairy back, or for any of the hair on my body, most girls consider it a masculine thing. I am not looking to change myself.

Werewolf's are genetic. All we have is the ability to change shape into a wolf. It doesn't have to do with the hair on your back...

Dude i think what they are trying to say is that your back hair is not werewolf enough... you need to attentionwhorrre like them on sites like these like twinkie **** gasping for love...

I have been on ep longer than any of you, i have been in this group before any of you, i made a joke and all you freaks took it seriously except for normal people. I am not a troll, but i am also not some young child with a wolf fetish that believes in werewolves because you seen it in some movie and your pants turned wet afterward.

They take themselves too seriously maybe that is why they make such idiots out of themselves on RPG sites like these....when the role turns on the roleplayer... *sigh*

you people..

With a big f

if your stuck in werewolf then how can u type?

With his hairy fingers duh

what does?

Staying in werewolf form... I've always wanted to just run away as a wolf... :/

Me too

That kinda sounds fun... :/

You can't, now stop messaging me about this crap.

Can anyone who is a true PHYSICALLY shape shifting Lycanthrope tell me how I too can run with the pack?

and you call me emo because I took a black and white picture? I have been practicing MMA and fighting since I was three years old. I am very strong, never cry, never give up, and I work hard. Does that sound emo to you?

what the hell are you talking about? are you pissy that i am not role playing with you about werewolves? are you tired of people just not understanding your weird fascination? I really don't know what I did to you, but if you want to attack and block me that is fine. You are a coward and nothing more.

emo duch needs to **** off stop being a pain in the ***

oh i see, thought you meant my long eye lashes.

hairy eyes? what does that mean? never heard that one before.

Maybe so but that doesn't mean every inch of my body needs to be covered in it... Some areas could do without.

That's cool I guess, I don't really like to be hairy though.

haha look at all these silly people believing they are imaginary wolves. <br />
<br />
anyway the hairy back is on my hairy back, why do you ask? Also a hairy chest and everything else.

Them wereclams never seen so much hair in their entire life...you more animal than them lol

well than gazambrose im going to like u lol if ur wonderin i am a chick lol i also like ur comment

I no it true my x boy frinde is a werewolf............i wish i cude be a werewolf......°^°………=[………•~•

I whant to be werewolf..........please........>Π<!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scratch your buttt, eat your shittt and vomit...and abracadabra

Naw I am not one of those weird people who actually believe they are a wolf. Was just a witty story for fun.

oh so your really not a werewolf??? boooo no fun



I see well that is cool then.

You said you always had respect toward me though, and I don't know you as far as I know.

I am pretty scary looking tasmin.. FGmmm is even freaked out.

shes scared of you innit

What do you mean? I dont understand.

Well I thought i was a werewolf at the time and realized i was actually a werelion when it really hit. This is an old story I was young and confused. <br />
<br />
found someone to shave you geetar?

A werewolf using a picture of a lion as an avatar. How amusing..

-_- dont be superficial.. I cant do nothing about it.

Ewww hairy backs freak me out.

I guess it also freaks out the werewolf otherkinners in this group...they are absolutely shocked trolling him because of it lmfao

In fact i believe they are taken aback by the thoght that mere humans can be more animal than they can ever be...feel the envy burn...oh yes lmfao


Well I can't jump that high right now.

It is above clouds dear boy

well you was peeping up there! you ought to know!

Haha .. dunno

What does it look like in heaven tasmin?

* raises eyes to the heavens*



I feel dumb for joining this i am a werewolf group now... I should have known better..

I have a cross we could use...just in case

I guess i wont be careful then.

I dunno.........


Ah, well, be careful then!

Hey, read your story about being stuck gone wolf , if you need help contolling it I'd be glad to help u, if u want ill give u a place to meet up but not at my house of corse just in case your actually a hunter( gotta be cearefull yno) ps if you are a hunter I'll rip you're guts out!!!

I want to know how I control it so well the only thing I can't completely control is my eyes

May I ask... How did you become a werewolf?

Banshees can't they are undead.

I confessed! I should ok to go near holy water and not melt

Careful i have holy water..



... rawrrr