With glowing eyes, by the full moon's rise, we start the transformation.

Changing, shifting, our voices lifting, unholy desecration.

Shun the light, we prowl the night, our prey is on the run.

With blackened claws and dripping jaws, the feeding has begun.

We sleep at dawn, the curse is gone, our blood-lust is subdued.

When dark returns, the hunger burns,  the hunt shall be renewed.

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I want to now how to become one
Because I am born ready to be one
If u guys know how please reply me
I want to use it to protect my family from danger and I want to join a pack too
So please reply me as soon as possible

To the people who has already turn into a werewolf or the people who haven't please tell me how

Add a response...

I want the gift ill do anything to have it

really anything how much do u want to be a wolf im full werewolf it will be hard but its worth it

By the way that sounds like a spell or a poem

Holy fudges people!! Okay I'm seeing a lot of people question how to become one. Some say you're born into it, other still believe the typical stereotypes of biting, but in reality, none of that is quite accurate. When people say that you are born into it, I dont discredit that statement, however, its not the same concept. Our Mother specially chosen us and has given us our inner wolf. Whether we awaken to that calling or not is up to us. Some, like ourselves, have answered that calling. Whether any of you will respond to that well, I dont know but its the honest truth. I've been where you all have been. Things just never added up and i could never explain why or how things happened the way it did, until I was introduced to Our Mother. Any questions, inbox me. Thanks :]

That is total ball crap you can only be born a werewolf but your mother don't put that curse on you someone dead or alive from your family is a werewolf and the only other way is by using black magic just the same with vampires

This is about werewolves not shapeshifters

Regardless we are all the same in my opinion ^_^

I love the poem; it is well written and an amazing piece of fiction. As for those of you who have been "bitten", you are more than likely to contract Rabies... and if it's a human claiming to be a Werewolf, there is more bacteria in the human mouth than any other animal... enjoy your infection. However, I'm a practicing Shaman, and I will be the first to tell you that there are those of us who are considered "Werewolves". The first thing, stop watching movies because the lot of you are way too impressionable. Second, there are shifts, (Mental, Spiritual, Astral), but physically being able to shift is something lost long ago by our Ancestors when they turned away... in the event you CAN shift physically, I wouldn't recommend posting it publicly, because if there is a truth to it, it won't take long to catch you and for the government to conduct tests. So, if you are RP'ing, fine... take it somewhere that someone wants to ride Unicorns with you. If you aren't, then you are insane or foolish. If you don't fit in that, then you are one of the good ones that respect what this is. Take care to all my fellow Wolves... and to the children playing around, go back to recess.

man if this was true we would be caught more easily lol but still beautiful poem

You want to know I am a hybrid the ultimate creature between a vampire and a werewolf but strong and faster then b

A Hybrid you say? And you are talking about 50% Vampire - 50% Werewolf, my dear i think you have been watching a bit too much Underworld. First of all, it\'s Impossible. Second of all, You will die if both of these venoms rush though you blood. You can\'t survive no one can. Not even the Alpha of Alpha\'s. Use your brain, for the love of god.

Nothing is impossible, only improbable. Although I dont discredit what you are saying. I find myself saying that I dont give acknowledgement to the term \"were-\" wolf. Because, logically, werewolves are too a hybrid of humans and wolves. Either you\'re wolf or youre not. I believe when people say theyre were\'s, lycan, lugaroo\'s, walkers, shifters, we all mean the same thing. So many terms have arose from it we don\'t even know our true identity anymore. It\'s heartbreaking but one day at a time. Thats all that we can truly strive for. But thank you for this comment, I hope that we can all take away from this :]

I guess we can agree to disagree ^_^

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It is a beautiful poem

Damn it can anyone get me out of being a cub permanently!?

You have to change spiritually, astrally, and mentally

Thank you^_^ someone that knows their **** around here

if its titled LYCAN then you must understand that LYCANS are not werewolves. LYCANS are a differant breed of creature. LYCANS can change at anytime. not by the full moons rise..

don't believe the twilight movies even though i never saw any of them it's rare that u survive but your still might die from too much blood loss from the body and it might not work and your get rabies from it

It's a nice poem, but your posting your myth in the wrong place, this isn't the poems area.
the people here claim to be real werewolves.
I have a post in here based on what real werewolves have said, find it, read it, and find that it is no cursed, you can't be turned into a werewolf, it has nothing to do with a moon full moon or not, and its not unholoy, it can be controlled (In fact there is no blood lust, no uncontrollable rage or anything like that...)

What you write is the romanticized mythical killing machine...

You think this is all a myth its not it's real life when werewolfs see me they fear me cause I can turn them into hybrids but when I do they r under my sirbone so they do whatever I tell to do and I know the only cure to break the sirbond

Oh,my dear, you have so much to learn ._.

I like it. :3 But agree with Goldpaw. c:

I liked it!But we're not bloodthirsty killing machines,like in the movies,we're able to control our wolves,unless we're angry,otherwise we're very peaceful. :)

Not bad bet you can't control it though

alright some of you might think its a horrid curse but you dont know the gift you have the werewolf is the gaurdian of nature but please help me you dont understand my wanting you dont understan how it feels to know something is real something you wish is real or you wish that you were is out there but you werent one so please help me lphas out there help me omegas speack to your alphas about letting one more join letting a pup join a new one com in but if your all alone then come to me and help me please anyone that reads this

Someone come to Ireland I am being led to believe there are no werewolves in Ireland let alone anywhere so please give me some answers !!!!!

same with Ohio...


Inidana over here..relatively close


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no, no.. they have turds for brains

Well written!

very nice poem. you should write more.

if anyone is a werewolf i mean really no lie this is a real favoure im asking ..pleas transform me and turn me into one of you ok the responsibility is greatlt strong in my hands and the power is great responsibility i can handle pleas answer soon or respond who

who ever is a real werewolf

Why? This is no game.... we're always weary of people who simply want to turn in order fill a void in their life, it rarely ends up well for them

yeah I am a bitten wolf and I'll tell you the pain experienced during each shift is far beyond anything you can fathom

Send me a message, but I won't perform blood rights (that's against our law) but I do have a spell that might help... but you have to message me first..

I'm a real werewolf

Dude talk to me I think I need some help

Sahara hit me girl if these wanna be werewusses won't help.maybe a spell will

i feel you man im in pain all the time with my diabetes my ****** up life and family im sick of it. i want to be happy and to be happy for me is to be a werewolve to run free join a pack not only a pack but a new family

You know, if you are a born wolf, the shift is painless! I am one myself. And we are not bloodthirsty monsters like the poem says

The shift hurts, it does, even if you are a born wolf like me...

That's wiered, cuz I was born with it but it doesn't hurt when I shift!

Are you a dormant? half breed? full blood? therian? lycan? or shapeshifter?

I am a full blood lycan

Then that is why I am a half breed therian.

No wonder! Ok then that makes much more sense.


werewolves are not bitten. All you who say you were bitten are liars, it is genetics, we are not made, we are born the way we are, will no one explain the truth to this poor misled human?

You guys are joking right? Just messing around? If not your about to **** some real werewolves off...

azlam15 and werewolf321, I\'m sorry to inform you that you cant be bitten to be one. Its just how it works. Your spiritual sense must be aware of your inner wolf. Things are much more complex than what movies, books, and social sites are throwing out to mere humans. If you\'re willing to know a little more, please inbox me :] Much love

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I agree with your poem. Being a werewolf, not mention being a werehound as I am, is a curse. It's horrid. the only difference for me is that that blood-lust never goes away and there's barely any shifting. It happens about once every four years, as my friends tell me

Is it from a blood link? or were you turned by somebody?

I was born, though the gene is dormant in my parents and brother

I love being a werewolf, its a gift.

How did you become one?

You don't become one. You are born one.

Ahh, another that states this, I really love it. :)

yes,i liked it also

yes,i liked it also

cool poem! but i believe that werewolves can transform whenever they want, and they can!

is it normal to hear a werewolf howl and a city then after hearing it then i dream of one <br />
it as yellow eye and brown hair. and it was tall but mosty it was on it for paw. i have never dream of them in till now. but dream of vampire and demon and angel now werewolf and dream of witch to. please help i am not making it up.

being a werewolf is freaking awsome!!!!

Are you able to control it?

nice poem and i agree with paganwolf

Cool poem I've seen it in a 43 things post too

Cool poem I've seen it in a 43 things post too

i like this..awwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooo......

That poem is awesome, it's dark and really poetic. I like being a werewolf too so It's not really a curse.

the best thing to have ever happend to me is being a werewolf. i agree w/ paganwolf. nice poem though.

its not a curse it a gift

Its a gift when it doesnt scare u and u can control it. Its a curse when u have no idea whats happening and u find yourself doing terrible things

Then can you turn me?

humans can't be turned, sorry
weres are born, not made

i agree with you it's a gift your born with

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